Removal Guide

Do you know what is? is a platform that has been designed for advertising purposes. Most probably, it targets mobile phone users only, specialists say; however, if you use Windows but still see various advertisements coming from this advertising domain, you should ignore them all completely. We do not try to say here that all of them are dangerous, but you might be presented with advertisements that open untrustworthy domains too. Since it is not a piece of cake to recognize untrustworthy ads, it would be best that you ignore them all. It does not mean that they will never show up on your screen ever again if you do not click on them. You might see them periodically if you have some kind of untrustworthy application related to the advertising domain on your device. Of course, not all users see ads and experience redirections because they have encountered untrustworthy software. Users might get redirected straight to this domain after they open another website associated with it or click on some kind of link too.

Technically, is not a malicious application. As mentioned in the previous paragraph, it is an advertising network that disseminates various commercial advertisements and might even cause redirections to third-party websites. It does not sound like something very dangerous, but, believe us, it is still better not to click on any advertisements displayed by and close those websites it redirects you to immediately because there is a huge possibility that not all promoted websites and commercials it shows can be trusted 100%. Researchers say that they usually promote various products and services, but it does not mean that all of them can be trusted. Some advertisements might even be used to promote untrustworthy applications. You might install them on your device by clicking on the malicious advertisement one. You should not download any applications from websites promotes either because you might end up with malicious software. As you can see, might be quite dangerous even though, technically, it is not malware.

As you already know, there is a possibility that you have some kind of untrustworthy application installed on your device if you see advertisements or experience various redirections to third-party websites. Most probably, it is an ad-supported program or a potentially unwanted application. If it turns out that you really have one of these programs installed on your device, it would be best that you remove it right away because it might also collect information about you automatically. Applications associated with advertising domains are not extremely malicious, so they should not access any personal details; however, they might be used to follow users’ activity on the web, collect information about searches users’ perform, and, finally, they might be used to find out more about users’ interests.

You are probably wondering how untrustworthy software ends up on users’ devices, so here is the explanation for you. As has been observed by malware researchers, a bunch of suspicious programs are distributed in software bundles. Since they are installed together with other programs, it takes some time for users to find out about the installation of untrustworthy software. Hundreds of malicious applications are spread bundled, so you should install new software more cautiously from now on. In other words, you should read the information you are presented with during the installation of any new application so that you would notice additional offers and could prevent undesirable software from being installed on your device. It would also be smart to have security software installed because it is not always easy to recognize untrustworthy programs.

If you have started seeing commercials, or it is opened automatically and redirects you further to another website, there is a possibility that you visit unreliable websites or keep clicking on random untrustworthy links. Without a doubt, nothing will change if you do not stop doing this right away. Of course, might also be directly associated with some kind of untrustworthy application. It should be adware or a potentially unwanted application. In this case, you will get rid of only if you delete untrustworthy software. The easiest way to eliminate all suspicious applications is to scan the system with an automated malware remover.

In non-techie terms: is known to be an advertising domain, so it will present you with commercial advertisements and, on top of that, might automatically redirect you to certain websites against your will. Generally speaking, is involved in pay-per-click advertising. Unfortunately, we cannot promise that it will show only 100% trustworthy advertisements or promote fully reliable websites, so stay away from it.