MicrosoftAntivirus Removal Guide

Do you know what MicrosoftAntivirus is?

MicrosoftAntivirus or Microsoft Antivirus, is a fake security program that uses the Microsoft name to push itself off as a program that you can trust. This is not the case at all when it comes to installing and running MicrosoftAntivirus on your computer. MicrosoftAntivirus has nothing to do with Microsoft and has nothing in common with any products from Microsoft.

MicrosoftAntivirus is nothing but a fake spyware program that claims that it is able to treat threats on your system. Microsoft Antivirus uses many tactics like those of other rogue anti-spyware programs where it scans your computer and states that it is infected with several parasites. Do not believe this or any other thing that MicrosoftAntivirus tells you.

In non-techie terms:
MicrosoftAntivirus is a wave of programs made by hackers to trick computer users by the use of a popular or well known name such as in this case, Microsoft. We know that MicrosoftAntivirus has nothing to do with Microsoft but many computer users do not know this and end up purchasing the full version of Microsoft Antivirus. DO not fall for this trick and never purchase MicrosoftAntivirus under any circumstances.

Aliases: MicrosoftAntivirus, Microsoft Antivirus.