Metropolitan Police Virus Remvoal Guide

Do you know what Metropolitan Police Virus is?

Even though Metropolitan Police Virus is only an umbrella name hiding multiple ransomware infections, for the purpose of this report, this title will represent the classification of each and every single virus within the faction. PRS for Music virus, PCeU (Police Central E-crime Unit) virus, the Metropolitan Police virus, the West Yorkshire Police virus and a few other malignant programs all use the authentic name as leverage for bogus legitimacy proof and supposed reliability. In reality, whichever infection attacks your system, you need to make sure that the Metropolitan Police Virus is deleted from the computer.

The Metropolitan Police Viruses all belong to the even larger group of Ukash, Paysafecard, Moneypak or Police viruses, which use deceptive methods to trick Windows users into giving up their money. Cyber criminals, who stand strong behind these malicious programs, monitor and manage their scheming products using the legitimate Ukash and Paysafecard systems. Even though, the online services allow you to transfer your money without exposing your personal banking information, schemers can get away with their crimes much easier. All of this is because these systems are not easily traceable, meaning that once you make the transfer – your money is gone for good.
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Each malignant Metropolitan Police Virus has various possibilities to enter your operating Window system, especially, if it is not protected by automatic removal software. Spam email attachments, active Reveton Trojans, bundled downloads, encrypted installations, online advertisements and other security backdoors all can be used to slip the malicious program into the PC. Since you are unlikely to notice the breaching malware, your system’s lockdown will come as a surprise to you. The malignant ransomware components will enter the Registry, add and delete products, tamper with auto-start programs, remove administrative privileges to access the Task Manager and will disable access to the entire computer by locking the screen.

The infected computer’s screen will be locked using a fictitious warning, supposedly sent by the Metropolitan Police. You will be accused of digital piracy, illegally acquired files’ distribution, pornographic videos’ viewing and various other made-up wrongdoings. All you need to know is that the British authorities have no connection to the ransomware, and the illegally used logos, names and emails are presented to lure up to 100 GBP from you. Since this is a scam, you need to remove Metropolitan Police Virus, in whichever form it is presented, as soon as you possibly can.

In non-techie terms:

To start Metropolitan Police Virus removal procedures, unlock your Windows system:

  • Restart Windows 7 using Safe Mode with Networking. After this – download automatic removal tools and install them.
  • Restart Windows XP, download automatic removal tools, go to the Start menu and type in “msconfig” into Run. Select Startup from the System Configuration Utility and disable all suspicious programs. Restart the computer and install security programs.

Manual Metropolitan Police Virus removal is not something inexperienced Windows users will be able to perform. If you are not confident about your personal removal skills, we recommend downloading and running legitimate security tools to have all existing infections deleted from the computer. To acquire automatic removal tools (e.g. SpyHunter), download them whilst your are running the PC on Safe Mode with Networking and then install them after starting Windows normally.

Aliases: Police Virus.

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