Media Converter Pro Promos Removal Guide

Do you know what Media Converter Pro Promos is?

If you have downloaded Media Converter Pro Promos, you have to ask yourself if you did that on purpose or if you were pushed to do it. The extension is presented as a tool that can show “relevant advertisements as you browse the web,” but we doubt that many people would willingly install an advertising tool. Of course, it is suggested that it can display ads that are specifically tailored for its users, and so some might be intrigued by it. Ultimately, if you installed it hoping that it would help you find amazing deals, this is the time you need to rethink your decision. Continue reading to learn all about this PUP (potentially unwanted program), and if you end up deciding that you want to remove Media Converter Pro Promos, we have a guide for you.

It is possible that you downloaded Media Converter Pro Promos from or the well-known, trusted Chrome Web Store ( platform. If you used neither of these sources, perhaps you employed an unreliable bundled downloader, or you do not know where the PUP came from at all. In any case, this is the best time to perform a thorough system scan. Ideally, nothing will be found by the malware scanner you employ, but if other threats are detected, do not wait to delete them. The longer you wait, the riskier the situation might become. As for Media Converter Pro Promos itself, there are a few reasons why people choose to delete this suspicious extension. One of them is that this PUP can read browsing history, and people often distrust apps or services that can gather such information.

We have reviewed the Privacy Policy at, and it is obvious that Media Converter Pro Promos is all about collecting data. It uses cookies, scripts, web beacons, and other technologies to gather information about users, their browsers, and, of course, the interaction with the displayed ads. It is stated that cookies can help “enhance your online experience by serving Third Party Ads relevant to your interests.” Unfortunately, nothing is revealed about these third parties, and so it is impossible to know whose ads could be shown to you. If you do not care about this, perhaps your main motive to remove Media Converter Pro Promos is to stop ads. Most people seek out ad-blockers, not apps that show more ads. So, if you do not want to be flooded with advertisements as you browse the web also, we advise that you remove the extension that was built exactly for that purpose.

You can easily delete Media Converter Pro Promos yourself, even if you do not know it yet. In reality, this PUP can be eliminated like any unwanted extension, and you can follow our guide to learn how to do it. The additional steps show how to clear browsing data, and we recommend taking them to clear cache and cookies and collect and store data about you and your browsing activities. If there are other threats that you need to delete from your system, you can look up the manual removal guides on our websites. Or you can install anti-malware software that will simultaneously remove Media Converter Pro Promos and all other threats for you.

Remove Media Converter Pro Promos

  1. Open Google Chrome.
  2. Simultaneously tap ALT+F keys to access the Chrome menu.
  3. Click More tools and then Extensions.
  4. Click the Remove button next to the PUP.
  5. Simultaneously tap CTRL+SHIFT+DELETE keys to access the Clear browsing data menu.
  6. Open the Advanced menu to find more options.
  7. Choose the time range and boxes you want.
  8. Click Clear data and then restart Chrome.

In non-techie terms:

Media Converter Pro Promos is an extension that is meant to flood you with advertisements, and if you are not interested in dealing with that, we suggest that you find a better converter service, which there are plenty to choose from. If you have already installed this extension, we suggest that you delete it. If that is something that you are interested in, do not hesitate to follow the guide above. It shows how to get rid of unwanted extensions as well as cookies that the PUP employs to store information about your browsing activity. Of course, if your system lacks protection, and especially if other threats exist already, implementing anti-malware software that can perform the removal automatically is the best option. Should you have other questions about the PUP or its elimination, we are ready to answer them all.