McAVG Removal Guide

Do you know what McAVG is?

It can be easy to fall for the clever lies used by developers of rogue security tool in order to tout their fake security software, especially in the case of McAVG. Do not fall prey to the vicious lies of this seditious security tool. Although McAVG will want you to believe otherwise, it does not own its purported ability to detect and remove threats from a PC. McAVG emanates from the same family of rogues as the highly despised Spycheck and Fast Antispyware and enters your PC under false pretenses exactly the same as its predecessors.

McAVG is spread via seditious Trojans which infiltrates the PC virtually undetectably. These Trojans are delivered via sneaky browser hijackers and fake online malware scanners. These browser hijacking websites forcefully redirects users to its compromised landing pages where it will exploit users’ browser and system vulnerabilities. Some of these domains have been identified with the following names: ( ( (

McAVG has also been known to bundle its Trojans and malware along with other legitimate security updates and downloads obtained from third party websites. The first inkling the user will have of McAVG will be when the rogue instigates its attack against the PC by assailing the user with various fake security messages. These fake alerts are completely without merit, and were designed to cause fake panic in the user.

Users who did not delete McAVG in time complained about being unable to connect to the Internet as well as the inability to launch any type of program on their system. McAVG does this in an effort to try and avoid the PC owner from running or downloading a security tool which could not only detect it but also remove McAVG from the system. Other symptoms associated with McAVG include dramatically poor system performance and increased erratic system behavior.

Do not allow this rogue to take control of your PC and hold it ransom. Erase McAVG and take back what’s rightfully yours. Take back your system and eradicate McAVG by making use of a genuine security tool which will not only detect and destroy McAVG but also protect your PC against future similar attacks and threats.

In non techie terms:

McAVG is a fake security application only out to steal your money. This rogue security tool will not protect your PC and will be the cause of more damage than good. Remove McAVG and don’t ever look back.

Aliases: Mc AVG.