Maxon Click Removal Guide

Do you know what Maxon Click is?

Maxon Click is often identified as a virus; however, in reality, it is an adware-type of infection that you might let onto your Android device by accident. Once installed, this infection will inject advertisements into the websites you visit. At first, you might confuse these ads for a legitimate promotion that appears on the pages you browse. Well, sooner or later, you should realize that the advertisements shown to you are annoying, repetitive, and, most important, unreliable. Hopefully, you will not become the next victim of false advertising and virtual scams before you remove Maxon Click adware from your Android device. Keep in mind that if this ad-injecting threat exists on your device, it is possible that other suspicious apps have entered as well. Furthermore, if you have interacted with the ads shown by this infection, malware could have slithered in without your notice as well. Basically, if you detect this threat, you need to be cautious.

The suspicious Maxon Click might cling to your web browsers on your Android devices without your notice. It is not represented as an app on the Google Play store, which immediately suggests that it is not a legitimate or reliable program. The creator of this adware is not known, but it can use various security backdoors to infiltrate it onto your computer without your notice. According to our research, this threat is most likely to spread via unreliable websites providing file-sharing services, and you might install it believing it is something else. It is also possible that you will acquire it packaged with other programs. Have you started noticing the ads of Maxon Click after opening a suspicious spam email attachment? Well, you should NEVER open emails sent to you by unknown parties, especially if they are sent to your spam folder. Unfortunately, it is quite possible that you have let in other threats along with this threat, and you should not forget about this once you get to the removal part.

According to our analysis, Maxon Click is likely to show ads served via If you discover pop-ups shown to you via this domain, it is an indication that adware possibly exists on your Android device. Of course, it is most likely that computer users will focus on the ads themselves, rather than the servers associated with them. In some cases, the ads shown to you might be misleading, and you might click on then expecting something that does not exist. These kinds of ads might be based on your browsing activity, and they could be created specifically for you. In other cases, the ads shown might be clearly misleading and unreliable. For example, if you come across a pop-up pushing you to install an unfamiliar security tool or warning you about the necessary removal of supposedly active infections, it is likely that someone is trying to scam you. Also, note that Maxon Click can affect different browsers at the same time. For example, if you have downloaded Google Chrome along with the Internet browser that comes pre-installed on every Android device, it is likely that both of them will be affected.

Needless to say, misleading ads might be used to scam you, boost traffic to useless websites, and route you to pages that you would not normally visit. Due to this, we recommend deleting Maxon Click as soon as possible. The simple removal guide below shows how to get rid of this adware from your browsers. Once you are done with this task, we strongly advise implementing reliable security tools to scan your Android device and check for any other threats that might have slithered in without your notice. If you do not want to encounter malware again, make sure you reinforce your device with a strong security system, and act carefully not to install malware yourself.

Delete Maxon Click from Android

  1. Open the Settings menu.
  2. Click More and select Application Manager.
  3. Go to All and locate the web browser app.
  4. Tap the browser and select Force Stop.
  5. Then choose Clear Data and Clear Cache.
  6. Restart your Android device and scan it for leftover threats.

In non-techie terms:

Maxon Click is an adware-type infection that can introduce you to pop-ups served via It is important to delete this infection because it might jeopardize your virtual security with every ad that it shows you. In the worst case scenario, this adware will be used by malicious parties to expose you to malware and devious scams that could be employed, for example, for virtual identity theft. Use the guide above to erase this adware, and leave a comment below if you have any other questions.