MaxAntiSpy Removal Guide

Do you know what MaxAntiSpy is?

MaxAntiSpy is a Russian Federation based rogue anti-spyware program plaguing computers around the world. MaxAntiSpy was found to come directly from the website or ported through other means such as a Trojan infection or browser security hole.

After MaxAntiSpy or Max Anti Spy is installed, it will start to perform scans of your system which always comes back with bogus results in an attempt to scare you into purchase a full version of MaxAntiSpy. MaxAntiSpy tricks computer users into believing that they need to purchase the full MaxAntiSpy program in order to remove the parasites that it located.

In non-techie terms: If you are unlucky enough to have MaxAntiSpy installed on your computer you will notice that the lettering is mostly in Russian which may not be understandable to those outside of Russia. You may become annoyed to the point of making a mistake by purchasing MaxAntiSpy thinking that it will rid your computer of the popups that MaxAntiSpy creates. MaxAntiSpy may eventually lead to theft of your data or corruption of your system. Do not purchase MaxAntiSpy under any circumstances. You must remove MaxAntiSpy as soon as you can to prevent damage to your system or theft of your data.

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