MauriGo Ransomware Removal Guide

Do you know what MauriGo Ransomware is?

If you ever find the .encrypted extension appended to your files, there is a huge possibility that MauriGo Ransomware has infiltrated your computer and has already done its dirty work, i.e. it has encrypted personal files stored on your computer. Ransomware infections usually block the most important users’ files, including documents, pictures, videos, and much more. These files are chosen not without reason. Cyber criminals know that users will not pay money for the decryption of files they do not really need, so they program ransomware infections to target only the most valuable data. Since MauriGo Ransomware belongs to the category of crypto-malware, it also demands a ransom after encrypting files on users’ computers. You will be told that you will get the decryption key once you make a payment, but, unfortunately, there are no guarantees that this will really happen, so you should not trust crooks and better keep your money. It should be emphasized that the ransomware infection needs to be removed fully no matter what decision you eventually arrive at because if it starts working again, for example, after you double-click on its launcher, you will find even more files encrypted, and this will happen each time it starts working again. MauriGo Ransomware is not one of those ransomware infections that drop a bunch of files on affected computers or create entries in the system registry, so its removal should be quick, especially if you use the manual removal guide our specialists have prepared.MauriGo Ransomware Removal GuideMauriGo Ransomware screenshot
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Ransomware infections slither onto computers illegally, but users soon find out about their entrance because they locate a ransom note on their computers, notice that they cannot open a bunch of personal files, and, finally, find a new extension appended to those files. MauriGo Ransomware will also lock your files and mark them all with the .encrypted extension. In addition, you will find READ_TO_DECRYPT.txt, which is a ransom note, dropped on your computer. If you read the message inside this text file, you will find out that you can no longer open your files because they have been encrypted with AES-256. Also, you will find out that they can only be unlocked with the special decryption key that can be purchased only from cyber criminals behind this ransomware infection. The price of the key that can unlock files on one affected computer costs 0.7 BTC; however, if more computers on your network have been affected, you will be asked to pay 5 BTC for the decryption of files on all of them. As you can see, the decryption tool is very expensive. There are no guarantees that it will be given to you either. Because of this, you should not spend your money on it. It might be impossible to unlock those files in a different way, but you will, at least, not transfer money to cyber criminals for nothing.

To tell you the truth, we cannot tell you how MauriGo Ransomware has infiltrated your computer because we do not have much information about its distribution yet, but the chances are high that it has affected your system because either you have opened a malicious attachment from a spam email, or you have recently downloaded new software from the web. There are many harmful infections that are spread masqueraded as trustworthy software, so you should be careful with software you download off the Internet. Also, it is advisable not to download any applications from websites you cannot trust 100%. We hope these several pieces of advice will help you not to end up with harmful software, but if you want to strengthen your system’s security even more, you should enable a security application on it.

If it has already turned out that you cannot open a bunch of your files because MauriGo Ransomware has locked them all, we expect you to remove this infection from your system as soon as possible because it might encrypt even more files in the future. You should use our manual removal instructions if you have never deleted any malicious application manually, but you can also do this automatically. Either way, make sure this infection is completely removed from the system and can no longer be launched.

Delete MauriGo Ransomware

  1. Press Win+E.
  2. Access the Downloads folder (%USERPROFILE%\Downloads).
  3. Remove all suspicious files.
  4. Check your Desktop (%USERPROFILE%\Desktop).
  5. Repeat the 3rd step.
  6. Remove READ_TO_DECRYPT.txt.
  7. Go to empty Recycle Bin.

In non-techie terms:

MauriGo Ransomware is a harmful malicious application that will lock files on your computer mercilessly. It does that so that cyber criminals could easily obtain money from users. Do not send a cent to them even if you need to unlock those affected files badly because the decryptor is very expensive, but there are no guarantees that you will get it from the author of the ransomware infection. Because of this, we see only one possible outcome in this situation – the complete ransomware removal.