Master Utilities Removal Guide

Do you know what Master Utilities is?

It would seem as though developers behind the famed and despised FakeHDD defragmenter rogue tool have been hard at work on their latest rogue release, Master Utilities. This rogue defragmenter is even more sophisticated than its ancestor in its online marketing and infection tactics, and is a destructive and seditious infection.

Master Utilities will waste no time after infecting its victim’s PC before starting its attack against the system. It enters the PC without the user’s permission through using established infection tactics which varies from browser hijacking sites and fake online malware scanners. As of late it has also been reported that Master Utilities makes use of infected online flash ads as part of its online marketing campaign.

Once Master Utilities starts its attack it will generate a false system scan each time the user logs on to the system. This will soon be followed by annoying pop up messages, all stating the same thing: that the system is being crippled by various errors. This is completely bogus, and users are urged not to pay any attention to Master Utilities’ falsely generated pop up messages.

In order to show the ridiculousness of Master Utilities’ false alerts, the following pop up message claims that the hard drive is missing. This is impossible; otherwise the PC would not be able to run in the first place:

Critical Error
Hard Drive not found. Missing hard drive.

From the above fake alert it is quite obvious that you are dealing with a bogus application. Other symptoms associated with this infection range from users being unable to launch applications, blocked Internet connections, poor system performance and increased erratic system behavior. To disable these irritating symptoms enter the following activation key:


You will still have to remove Master Utilities even after entering the activation key, as the threat will still be present on the system and your PC will still be exposed and vulnerable.

Master Utilities will cause your PC irreversible damage if left untreated. It does not have the ability to identify and fix any errors, and users who value their PCs’ security and protection are advised to urgently get rid of Master Utilities with the help of a powerful antispyware application.

In non techie terms:

Master Utilities is a fake defragmenter which emulates the workings of a real defragger in an effort to rip you off. Do not fall for this trickery and obliterate Master Utilities immediately.

Aliases: MasterUtilities.