Massive Internet Failure In Two Continents

Today a huge internet failure has hit large areas of Asia, North Africa, and the Middle East. With this substantial loss of internet service it has crippled many businesses in the mentioned areas. The cause of the issue may be from an undersea cable failure which was reported by a major telecommunications provider.

With such a widespread internet outage it has cut the bandwidth of neighboring countries in half. India has to reroute traffic to satellites and other services through Asia due to the outage. Other mentionable countries that are having similar problems are Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Qatar, Kuwait and the United Arab Emirates among others.

Many areas have backup satellite systems that they can utilize until the internet outage is restored. This can be a hassle for some but remains to be the only immediate temporary solution.

The cable being severed is believed to have been caused by a boat anchor but this has not been confirmed as of yet.

This type of outage undoubtedly will have a major impact on internet, voice and television services for customers worldwide. This goes to show how volatile the internet is and how vulnerable it can be. This is believed to not have been the attack by any hackers but the thought remains in the back of your head. If a cable that is severed does this much damage just think if a hacker was able to shut off internet service in a way that resembles a severed cable.

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