MalWarrior Removal Guide

Do you know what MalWarrior is?

MalWarrior or sometimes referred to as Mal Warrior 2008, is a rogue anti-spyware program that uses clever tactics to convince computer users to purchase the full version in order to remove spyware. The big catch with a program like MalWarrior is that is does not remove spyware or other harmful parasites from your computer. MalWarrior makes the false claim of being able to remove parasites. MalWarrior is a complete scam developed by the hackers that created MalWarrior.

MalWarrior is known to be distributed from Trojan infections and the website. If installed, MalWarrior may scan your system displaying completely erroneous results which may scare the average computer user into purchasing the licensed version of MalWarrior. MalWarrior may annoy you with popups and system alert messages furthering the chance for computer users to waste their money on the full MalWarrior program.

In non-techie terms: MalWarrior or Mal Warrior 2008 is nothing more than a waste of time and money. MalWarrior does not serve any good purpose and does not remove spyware from your computer. Do not under any circumstances download or purchase MalWarrior. Stay away from the website at all costs.

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Aliases: MalWarrior, Mal Warrior, Mal Warrior 2007, Mal Warrior 2008

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