Malware Bell or MalwareBell 3.2 Removal Guide

Do you know what Malware Bell is?

Malware Bell, or also known as Malware Bell 3.2, is a rogue anti-spyware program known to infect computers through Trojans such as Zlob. Malware Bell makes attempts through annoying popups to get users to purchase a full licensed version of the Malware Bell program. This is a ploy and it is up to computer users to avoid falling victim to Malware Bell's scam. Malware Bell must have the word "bell" in it because it is as annoying as a constantly ringing bell.

Malware Bell has its own website, The website may look like a normal website that sells and promotes a spyware removal tool but it is far from normal. cannot be trusted because the program Malware Bell which it promotes is not a legitimate spyware removal program. We have discovered that has a untrustworthy payment system set up for the computer users that are gullible enough to purchase Malware Bell. The payment process domain address is registered to the fake name "Domain Admin".

We found Malware Bell to falsely classify PCTools as a variant of the Trojan.Win32.SystemCrash infection as shown in the image below. We know that Trojan.Win32.SystemCrash is a justifiable Trojan infection but PCTools is known to be a legitimate company that provides software. In our article about how Malware Bell calls PCTools Malware and Adware we further explain the details of this finding.

In non-techie terms: Malware Bell is an outright scam and should be treated as a high priority for removal. Malware Bell and the website were created by hackers to use illicit tactics so they may extort money from you. Do not under any circumstances visit, purchase Malware Bell, or download Malware Bell. Malware Bell is a worthless program that may ultimately waste your time and money.

Aliases: MalwareBell,, MalwareBell 3.2

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    Thanks for this info and removal instructions.
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