Malware Crackdown: AntiVirus XP Vendor Sued

The Vendor behind the rogue anti-spyware program AntiVirus XP is being sued and may be put out of business.

Internet Security Score Card:
Computer Users: 1
Hackers: 0

The people behind the AntiVirus XP rogue anti-spyware program have been sued and possibly put out of business. This is big news if you were ever a victim of recent rogue programs such as AntiVirus XP. If you ever mistakenly purchased Antivius XP, victory has come your way in the form of the persons behind the devious action of spreading malware have been sued. No longer are they able to enjoy the short-lived benefits of ripping people off.

The hackers who pushed the AntiVirus XP program probably made several mistakes along the way to get themselves into this trouble. We even saw this being done with the Antivirus XP 2008 rogue program several months ago. The vendor was brave enough to actually take out Google Adwords ads to promote their malware, that's bold! In many cases we witnessed these ads on several Google searches. If you are like us then you know that an AntiVirus XP ad raises a red flag especially when it is listed as a sponsored Google ad.

Example of AntiVirus XP Google Adwords Ad:

Security researchers will tell you that information about this organization has been available for some time now but until recently action has actually taken place to sue the Antivirus XP suppliers. Additional information in the case will be provided by security researchers at the proceedings being against these criminals.

Does this mean the creators of rogue programs are getting caught now?

Cracking down on these crooks that give the computer community hell due to their rogue programs has always been a difficult task. Work is always being done to track down the creators of rogue applications but we all must remember that it is a difficult task in detecting these types of programs. The basic evaluation of security software is a task by itself.

We can suggest to all computer users to report any findings of rogue programs. You can find out if a program is classified as "badware" or not by visiting

What is your recent experience with rogue programs? Do you know who created it? Are you certain that the program in question is actually a "badware" program?

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