Mac Malware Warning: Mac Malware OSX.Trojan.iService.B Showing Up In Pirated Software

Another version of the OSX.Trojan.iService is now showing up in Pirated Photoshop CS4 software.

Recently a Trojan, OSX.Trojan.iService.A, was affecting pirated versions of iWork 09 software for Mac which was alarming the Apple Mac community. Now it seems a pirated version of Photoshop CS4 contains a similar Trojan infection called OSX.Trojan.iService.B.

Lately the Pirated iWork 09 and Photoshop CS4, which is distributed by BitTorrent trackers and possibly other torrent sites, contain a version of the OSX.Trojan.iService Trojan infection. At one time it was thought that Mac OS X systems were not near as susceptible to malware as Windows based PCs. If we didn't know any better we would think just that after this week and last week's outbreak of this particular Trojan on the Mac.

Researchers have identified that the Photoshop CS4 software does not contain the Trojan itself rather it is found in the crack application. Usually the cracking or keygen applications are used to generate a pirated software key so that the program can be unlocked. With a keygen or crack program it gives a computer user the ability to use pirated software in a registered form.

Will we see more Mac Malware like this?

Security researches believe this is not a forgoing issue when it comes to Mac malware. They feel that because the OSX.Trojan.iService.A and OSX.Trojan.iService.B infections are not self propagating that it does not pose an ongoing threat to Mac computers. Although it is possible that it may be a rise in Mac malware as we see an overall increase in malware for computers in general including Windows based PCs.

Do you foresee a future where Mac systems are plagued with a large amount of malware comparable to Windows PCs? If hackers see fit that there are enough compromised Mac's that a future of thriving Mac malware is inevitable. Do you believe this?