Live Security Platinum virus Removal Guide

Do you know what Live Security Platinum virus is?

Live Security Platinum virus derives from the WinWebSec family, which stands behind highly dangerous and cunning Smart Security 2012 and Smart Protection 2012 fictitious security applications. Like its previous clones, the deceptive infection can be infiltrated into target Windows systems through a great number of security loopholes, and the virus has been noted to travel via fictitious online scanners, bundled downloads and bogus Delta Airlines spam email attachments. Note that if you receive a spam email from sender, you should not open or download the attachment, because the virus will slither in, and you will have to worry about Live Security Platinum removal.

Once inside a system, a fictitious virus’ computer scanner will claim to have detected such bogus infection as Trojan-Downlaoder.VBS.Small.dc, Worm.Bagle.CP or Trojan.Dropper.MSWord.j, and will push you to remove these allegedly dangerous applications with rogue’s full version. The fictitious scanner’s interface will lead you to the purchase page, and here you will be attracted with false Lifetime Software License for $89.95 offer. If you fall for this scam, your identifying data would be disclosed, which could allow virus’ developers to use your name in further schemes,you’re your money would get wasted on a completely ineffective malware removal application. To trick you further, schemers will also present bogus security alerts, which you should ignore by all means:

Live Security Platinum Warning
Live Security Platinum has found viruses at your system.
We highly recommend to get license for Live Security Scanner to remove harmful software now.
Live Security Platinum virus Removal GuideLive Security Platinum virus screenshot
Scroll down for full removal instructions

Application cannot be executed. The file rdpclip.exe is infected. Please active your antivirus software.

WARNING! 38 infections found.
It is highly recommended that you remove all the threats from your computer immediately.

It is unfortunate, but amongst rogue’s infection, your administrative controls will be restricted, and you might come across such irritating symptoms as blocked Internet connection, inability to run executables or even removed access to Task Manager and Registry Editor, which are essential at having Live Security Platinum deleted. Luckily, you can remove these horrendous symptoms by applying a registration code, which will trick the infection into trusting that you have spent money on the bogus licensed version.

Registration code:

In non-techie terms:

No Windows system could benefit from Live Security Platinum existence, and you should delete this virus from your operating Windows system right away, if it manages to slither inside. After the applied registration code will remove all symptoms, expert users will be free to delete the virus manually; however, this operation is not recommended to those, who do not have sufficient experience or knowledge about malware. Overall, whether you are experienced or not, you should till consider protecting your Windows with legitimate security software; otherwise, you could have to worry about malware removal, soon enough.

Aliases:  LiveSecurityPlatinum.