Links to Erin Andrews Peephole Video Leading Computer Users to Fake Video Infecting PC and Mac Systems

One of the most searched for item on the internet is currently an explicit video of Erin Andrews captured through a hotel peephole which is known to lead computer users to a virus or malware infection.

Computer users are being warned of web sites claiming to host a controversial video of the high-profile ESPN reporter, Erin Andrews. Supposedly, someone was able to capture an explicit video of Erin Andrews through a hotel peephole recently and post it online. Currently lawyers working for Andrews are seeking to take legal action against anyone who may be distributing this video which was taken without her consent or knowledge. Hackers have been taking advantage of this publicity to spread malware.

New links and sites have been popping up over the past couple of days as a result of this explicit video circulating the internet. The video has since been pulled from various sites but the internet search continues. If a computer user was to search for "Erin Andrews Peephole Video", they will find several sources, some malicious, that claim to host the video. One of the sites claims to be a CNN video site. If the computer user attempts to play the video they will be prompted to download an executable file which was found to be malware.

Basically, the Erin Andrews Peephole Video epidemic has gone viral. Hackers will not stop at anything to take advantage of any highly publicized subject matter. Even still, sites such as the fake CNN page are well-thought-through and can be very deceiving to the unsuspecting computer user looking for a quick online thrill. If you are looking for explicit videos then there are several other avenues to go through but your computer may suffer from malware as a result of your pleasure.

The Trojan infections or malware that spreads from these fake Erin Andrews Peephole Video sites were identified as Mal/FakeAV-AY Trojan for PC's and OSX/Jahlav-C for Mac systems. It seems the hackers are not only infecting PC's running Windows but the Mac OS as well.

As the search volume for this popular subject stays relatively high, we expect to see a lot more sites pop up claiming to host or offer as a download, the Erin Andrews Peephole Video. If you have the desire for that type of thing, it may be best to go find a girlfriend or pick up a magazine instead of using the internet for your "extra circular activities".