Do you know what Linkbucks is?

Linkbucks is a legitimate website that allows users to earn money. It utilizes pay-per-click system and the revenue is generated when the user replaces his link with a coded URL. Whenever someone clicks on that link, the user earns a small amount of money. Hence, the bigger the traffic, the bigger the revenue. Unfortunately, malicious third-party websites can also make use of Linkbucks. It happens because people can misuse Linkbucks for their own malicious purposes.

Take note that Linkbucks does not download and install anything on your computer. If click on a Linkbucks link, you only encounter a Content Locker that keeps you on an advertisement page for 5 seconds, before you can click the "Skip Ad" link and proceed to the webpage you were intending to visit in the first place. Being delayed could definitely be annoying, but it is not illegal, because Linkbucks earns money by displaying advertisements within these 5 seconds, and the person whose link is clicked gets paid as well.

If you get redirected to advertisement pages by force, then it is not done by Linkbucks. You most likely have a Trojan or a Worm infection in your system that exploits Linkbucks system for its own goals. Since there is nothing illegitimate about Linkbucks and no files get installed on your computer, there is nothing you can remove. However, do consider downloading a computer security tool to scan your system for other threats if you are constantly being redirected.

In non-techie terms:

Linkbucks is a legitimate social advertising network that helps people to earn money by encoding their links with advertisements. It is a safe website that does not deliver malware, but some people might misuse this system. Scan your computer for Trojans and worms if you are always redirected to advertisement websites.