Koobface Worm Virus Affecting Facebook and MySpace Users

A new variant of Koobface worm is affecting many Facebook, MySpace and other social networking sites lately.

Koobface Worm was once a serious threat among users of Facebook. A newer variant of the Koobface worm is starting to spread among other social networks such as MySpace, Friendster, Bebo, myyearbook.com, hi5.com and Lifejournal. The nature of your system being infected with Koobface is it may result in compromising your computer where a remote attack could gain control over it.

Koobface reemerges as possibly being a much more serious threat that it use to be. Other reports of Facebook being plagued with malicious applications only adds to the confusion of social networks being attacked by hackers.

The economy is down and the last thing people need is for their computer to be infected by such a dangerous parasite.

What is Koobface Worm?

Koobface is no stranger to the social networking world. A newer variant of Koobface that is causing havoc amongst many social networks uses some of the old outdated tactics of malware infections of the past. Koobface is essentially spread through a fake adobe flash player file. You may ask how you get this file. A fake message is usually sent through a social network where it supposedly has a link to a video within the content of the message. Once a user clicks on this link they are redirected to download an Adobe Flash Player update. The update, as you may have guessed, is a malicious file that loads the Koobface worm onto your computer. From there it is possible that Koobface allows an outside attacker to gain access to your computer where it could be controlled or valuable information stolen.

The immediate advice that other security experts may give to you is to use extra caution when using any social network and opening messages sent through such networks. The Koobface worm may be removed from your system if you follow the proper procedures.

Aliases: Koobface Worm, Koobface.Worm,

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