Kampret Ransomware Removal Guide

Do you know what Kampret Ransomware is?

Kampret Ransomware is the latest infection to be added to the Hidden-Tear family. If you are not familiar with it, we can inform you that most ransomware infections recently discussed on our website come from this family. Kripto64 Ransomware, Karmen Ransomware, and Gc47 Ransomware are few of them. Since anyone can use the open source code to build ransomware infections, all threats have similarities and differences. For example, all threats employ the AES encryption algorithm to encrypt files on the operating system. On the other hand, if ransomware is built by amateurs, it is unlikely to be fully functional. The infection we are reviewing in this report, unfortunately, can encrypt your files, and you might have no other way of recovering them than by paying the ransom represented via the ransom note. If you do not what you should do before you remove Kampret Ransomware, keep reading this report.

Just like most other ransomware infections – most outside the Hidden-Tear family as well – Kampret Ransomware usually lurks for victims in spam emails. As soon as the malicious launcher is opened, the infection is executed, and the encryption starts. The encryption of your personal files is performed silently so that you would not disrupt the process. Of course, if you realize that the file you downloaded is malicious, you might be able to delete it in time, but most users do not notice this. In fact, they realize that their files are corrupted only after they notice the “.lockednikampret” extension attached to them or when they discover the “READ_ME.txt” file placed on the Desktop. This is the ransom note that we have already mentioned, and the creators of Kampret Ransomware use it to push you into paying 0.5 Bitcoins (at the time of research, this converted to $610) and emailing them at kampretos@protonmail.com. Since there are not details regarding the payment, you will have to communicate with cyber crooks if you choose to pay the ransom. Unfortunately, it is not clear whether paying the ransom is possible and if the devious cyber criminals would decrypt your files after you paid it.Kampret Ransomware Removal GuideKampret Ransomware screenshot
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In rare cases, legitimate file decryptors are capable of decrypting the files corrupted by malicious ransomware infections. Unfortunately, there is no free decryptor that could help you with Kampret Ransomware. That means that if your files were corrupted by this infection, you either have to take the risk of paying the huge ransom, or you have to acknowledge defeat. Of course, if your personal files are backed up – as they should be – you do not need to be making any difficult decisions right now. Instead, all you have to worry about is the removal of the ransomware, and we have got you covered when it comes to that.

Although the malicious Kampret Ransomware .exe file must have encrypted your files by the time you have discovered this infection, you should not ignore it. This executable could encrypt new personal files in the future, and it could be used in other ways. Therefore, you need to delete it ASAP. After you delete Kampret Ransomware, you should also get rid of the ransom note file. If you are replacing the corrupted files with backup copies, you should eliminate them as well. Although manual removal might appear to be straightforward and simple – as long as you can identify the launcher file – we advise using anti-malware software. It will take care of the remaining threats, as well as the protection of your operating system.

Remove Kampret Ransomware

  1. Right-click and Delete the {unknown name}.exe file.
  2. Right-click and Delete the ransom note file called READ_ME.txt.
  3. Empty Recycle Bin.
  4. Install a legitimate malware scanner and scan your operating system.

In non-techie terms:

Kampret Ransomware is a dangerous threat that is meant to take your files hostage by encrypting them to push you into paying a huge ransom. If you do as told, a decryption tool or key should be provided to you to help decrypt your files, but that is not guaranteed. In the worst case scenario, your files will remain locked even if you pay 0.5 Bitcoins, which is why you have to think before you do anything. Of course, regardless of what you do, at the end, you need to delete Kampret Ransomware, and that should not cause you many problems if you know where the launcher is. Note that anti-malware software can handle the removal of the ransomware automatically, and it can also take care of your virtual security to ensure that other threats could no slither in again.