ItsMyApp Removal Guide

Do you know what ItsMyApp is?

ItsMyApp is a potentially unwanted program that enters your computer with other freeware applications. There is no direct link that would allow you to download ItsMyApp only onto your computer. The truth is that this application is one of the freeware components, and if you download some application via third party installers or downloader, chances are that ItsMyApp will be created in your Program Data directory. You need to remove ItsMyApp manually, in order to get rid of all the potentially risky files. As for the other programs, you may need to uninstall them manually via Control Panel.

This application gets installed on your computer when you download freeware programs from such websites as Cnet, Borthersoft or Softonic. You might also accidentally download a program after clicking a download link on some suspicious website. Take note that legal programs might also be distributed via third party websites, and in that case their downloaders might be bundled with a list of additional applications that get installed onto your computer as well. Therefore, it is important to download licensed programs only at their official or affiliated websites.

ItsMyApp is associated with all the installers and downloaders that are related to EZDownloader. It means that whenever you download a program related to this application, it is very likely that ItsMyApp directory will be created on your computer. It is hard to say what kind of files will be created in ItsMyApp folder, because it depends on the programs using it. For the most part, ItsMyApp is usually utilized like a temporary folder for backup setup files, installer files or DLL files. As our team conducted several research experiments, they have found out that ItsMyApp downloaders are usually bundled with Live Support, SW-Booster, PC Optimizer, WebSearch hijacker and other similar applications.

In our case, ItsMyApp was bundled with SW-Booster and contained the application’s setup files. Whenever you have to deal with such programs you have to understand that adware applications are rarely useful. They are created to help people make money as users are redirected to affiliated commercial websites and adware creators generate profits via pay-per-click systems.

Luckily, most of the time, you can remove adware applications via Control Panel. You simply need to scan your PC with a licensed security application and get a list of potentially unwanted programs. Then open Control panel and remove them one by one. However, as far as ItsMyApp is concerned, you will need to locate the folder within your computer and delete it manually.

How to remove ItsMyApp

Windows Vista & Windows 7 & Windows 8

  1. Open Start menu and enter %ALLUSERSPROFILE% into search box.
  2. Hit Enter and Program Data directory will open.
  3. Locate ItsMyApp folder and delete it.

Windows XP

  1. Open My Computer and go to Local Disc (C:).
  2. Select Documents and Settings and open All Users folder.
  3. Delete ItsMyApp from the directory.

After manual removal you should scan the PC with a reliable antispyware tool to check for other potential threats. Do not hesitate to try out the instructions below for a thorough file removal.

In non-techie terms:

ItsMyApp is an application that gets installed together with potentially unwanted programs. It cannot do any harm to your computer, but it for the best to remove ItsMyApp from the system, because it could be utilized by a number of undesirable applications.