Is a Cyber Apocalypse Imminent? A Viral Video Hoax may be the Proof

We found a video of hackers taking over the lighting controls in a skyscraper for the thrill of playing the classic Space Invaders game.

Could this video be proof that hackers are just toying with the cyber world ready to initiate a Cyber Apocalypse when they want?

Security vendor McAfee warns us that hackers or intruders may target utility control systems. Although the video portrayed below appears as a joke, it enters the minds of security analysts as a viable threat to the nationwide energy infrastructure.

Just in the past year, there has been terrifying talk about intruders breaking into SCADA (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition) systems to cause a massive power outage. If the video posted below was not a complete hoax it may be viable evidence if such an event did happen.

Yves Peitzner, managing director of "The Brainstormclub", the producer of this video, said "The inspiration was really to take the idea of having a computer game in your living room, and take it up to a really big screen." …"There are some people who really think this is real."

Someone had to think of the idea of this video and someone else out there in the hacker world is giving it a second thought. The video, being fake or not, reminds us all that an attempt to pull off a major shut-down or take-over of utility control systems sparking a cyber apocalypse awaits us. There is no doubt that cybercriminals have their eyes on SCADA networks.

Is this video strictly entertainment for you or does it actually scare you?