IronProtector Removal Guide

Do you know what IronProtector is?

A new virtual threat has been plaguing internet users. It’s called IronProtector, and if you haven’t heard of it yet you are lucky. IronProtector is a known rogue antispyware tool posing as a legitimate security application.

Users who have fallen foul of IronProtector will be able to testify to its malicious and vicious nature. It will start its attack unbeknownst to the user, by entering the PC without his knowledge. This is achieved through the cunning use of Trojans entering the system through weak security flaws. It will then go on to spam the user with relentless popups informing him about severe infections on the PC.

IronProtector will go on to inform the consumer that the only way to delete these infections will be for him to buy IronProtector’s ridiculous and worthless software. Users should never believe anything these criminals tell them, and should remove IronProtector with the help of well known antispyware security software.

In non techie terms:

it means that IronProtector is a scam and you should never buy into it. Delete IronProtector the moment it is discovered on your PC, by making use of a legitimate security application.

Aliases: Iron Protector.