Does iPhone Get Spyware?

The iPhone is one of the hottest items on the market and with the new 2.0 firmware it will expand the possibilities even further allowing users to install 3rd party applications. So will this welcome spyware onto the iPhone creating more issues than Apple or the iPhone consumers bargained for?

We can only wait and hope for the true answer to whether or not the iPhone will be bombarded with spyware or even viruses. Many experts will say it is inevitable that the iPhone will have vulnerabilities as it has in the past with older versions of its firmware.

If iPhone 2.0 makes the iPhone more susceptible to attacks don't you think Apple will promptly address the issue?

Yes and no. In the past with iPhone "issues" or discovered vulnerabilities, the issues were not fully addressed. It may have been where Apple did not see it fit to open up a bigger can of worms by patching the iPhone firmware because of one instance where a vulnerability was discovered on the iPhone.

Ever since the release of the SDK (Software Development Kit) for the iPhone, developers have been racing to put their software out on the market in time for the iPhone 2.0 release. Each piece of software that was developed for the iPhone 2.0 was put through the test by Apple to assure its compatibility and safety. This does not mean every software application that iPhone users download starting July 11, 2008 will be 100% safe and free from spyware. We can only sit back and wait as users download the new iPhone 2.0 firmware and new applications for the iPhone before we will know if spyware is a serious threat to the iPhone and the new iPhone 3G.

Do you think the new iPhone applications will all be free from spyware or malware or do you think hackers will "find a way"?

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  • ravinder verma

    it may not affect hackers as they are spreading more spyware by offering them attached with open source softwares ...why dont they develop any anti spyware or antivirus instead of asking user to upgrade the firmware... i think its best method than updating firmwares