iPadian Removal Guide

Do you know what iPadian is?

iPadian is identified as a potentially unwanted program because it is completely worthless. Most users download this PUP – which is the shortened version of the category – from its official website, xpadian.com, or using third-party installers. Neither of these options is ideal because third-party programs are packaged in any way. If you employ the official installer, you might encounter MyPCBackup, Bytefence, and similar suspicious programs. If you use third-party installers, similar and much more malicious pieces of software could be packaged together. In fact, in some cases, malware could be downloaded along with this PUP silently, which means that malicious infections could be initiating malicious processes without your notice. Needless to say, it is very important to delete iPadian and all other programs that were downloaded along with it.

If you go to its official website, iPadian is represented as the “best iOS Simulator For Windows.” Now, what does this mean? This means that this program is meant to provide Windows users with an interface that looks similar to that of iOS . When you launch this program, a screen pops up, and it reminds of a tablet desktop with different tabs. According to our research team, interaction with this interface is quite annoying. First of all, most of the apps shown on the screen do not even work, and an app store represented via it only promotes iPadian-related games and apps. Unsurprisingly, these do not work either. Links to Facebook, Spotify, YouTube, and other familiar services do work, but, other than that, this program is completely useless. Have you tried playing the games presented by this program? Most of them do not work, and you are redirected to a page at flashgamesplayer.com suggesting that the game you are trying to play is not supported by your device. If you find a game that seemingly works, it should not take long to figure out that it is not worth it. First of all, suspicious advertisements are shown before launching. Second, the games lag and get stuck with a white screen, that is, if they do not crash right away.iPadian Removal GuideiPadian screenshot
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The advertisements displayed by iPadian might seem harmless, but they are not. These ads were created by third-party advertisers, and you do not know what kinds of intentions they have. In the worst case, these ads could be used to introduce you to links and installers that you simply cannot trust. If you interact with them, you could be tricked into downloading more infections, disclosing personal data, or interacting with misleading content. If you think that you might have been tricked already, you should take the security measures to protect your virtual security. Beware of virtual identity hijacking, malicious spam email attacks, scams, etc. If you need our help protecting yourself against malicious parties, you can post all of your questions in the comments section below. We will address them as soon as we can.

Your operating system will remain vulnerable until you remove iPadian, and there is an easy way to get rid of this threat: You can uninstall it. Sure, if you uninstall this program, you will also need to erase some leftover components. If you are not sure how to detect these leftovers, you can choose the removal option represented below. Although this option might seem more complicated, it is good to learn how to erase registry keys and files associated with malware. Of course, once you complete the task, you should install a legitimate malware scanner to ensure that your operating system is clean. Have you decided to install reliable security software to protect your PC? This is the best decision, and you can install anti-malware software capable of protecting you and eliminating already existing threats.

Delete iPadian from Windows

  1. Launch Explorer (simultaneously tap Win and E keys).
  2. Enter %HOMEDRIVE%\Program Files (x86)\ (or %HOMEDRIVE%\Program Files\) into the address bar.
  3. Right-click and Delete the folder named iPadian.
  4. Enter %HOMEDRIVE%\ProgramData\Application Data\Start Menu\Programs\ into the address bar.
  5. Repeat step 3.
  6. Launch RUN (tap Win and R keys) and enter regedit.exe.
  7. Delete the iPadian key in these registries:
    • HKCU\Software\Trolltech\OrganizationDefaults\Qt Factory Cache 4.8\com.trolltech.Qt.QImageIOHandlerFactoryInterface:\C:\Program Files (x86)\
    • HKCU\Software\Trolltech\OrganizationDefaults\Qt Plugin Cache 4.8.false\C:\Program Files (x86)\
  8. Navigate to HKLM\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall\.
  9. Right-click and Delete the key named {0DB90A1C-2C08-429C-8595-FD9848121D28}_is1.
  10. Move to the Desktop and Delete the shortcut named iPadian.lnk.

In non-techie terms:

Although iPadian is clearly a useless program, some computer users do not want to spend their time removing it, and that is a mistake. If you do not erase this potentially unwanted program, you are likely to be exposed to misleading advertising, and this could lead to more security problems. If you are ready to erase this PUP, use the guide above or install a reliable anti-malware tool. Of course, the latter is the option we recommend because you need to keep yourself protected from malicious infections in the future.