Internet Security 2014 Removal Guide

Do you know what Internet Security 2014 is?

Internet Security 2014 is a fake anti-virus program which is installed onto the PC without the user’s approval. The application can access the system while you are browsing corrupted website or via spam e-mails. If you ever receive an e-mail whose sender you do not know or find the subject line suspicious, delete such an e-mail and make sure that the machine is protected against various computer infections.

Internet Security 2014 has been released to deceive unsuspecting users into buying its non-functional full version which is claimed to remove various types of malware. In order to make you decide faster, Internet Security 2014 imitates system scans and generates fraudulent notifications that informs you about various threats and encourage you to register the program. Moreover, the interface of the malicious program contains icons which are typical of Windows operating system. It also bears the logo of Microsoft to be as convincing as possible.

Despite the fact that the application seems to have been developed by Microsoft, you should remove it from the PC as soon as possible. Inter Security 2014 is a replacement for Internet Security 2013, Privacy Protection, Security Protection, Malware Protection and so on. All of these programs were created to trick computer users and obtain their money. By paying the money you also expose your personally identifiable information which may get into the hands of the criminals behind Internet Security 2014. Your credit card number, home address, and other personal information should not be exposed in any kind of forms provided by fake applications or purchase pages.

We recommend using SpyHunter as this application is the only thing that you need right now. Install this spyware removal tool program and launch a system scan to have Internet Security 2014 detected and removed. Before you implement our recommended spyware prevention tool, apply the following activation key which will disable scans and annoying pop-up warnings.


In non-techie terms:

Internet Security 2014 is a fake security program which imitates system scans and displays security alerts that contains misinformation about the condition about the computer. Multiple worms, keyloggers, and Trojan infections are presented as existing threat. Ignore the information provided by the threat and remove it for the PC.

Aliases: Internet Security.