InnfiRAT Removal Guide

Do you know what InnfiRAT is?

InnfiRAT is a threat that you should get rid of immediately if it enters your system. Our computer security specialists say that it is capable of taking screen pictures, obtaining data about victims’ cryptocurrency wallets, stealing browser cookies, and more. Knowing it has such capabilities, it would be best to make sure that this threat cannot enter your system, which is why, further in the text, we discuss the malicious application’s potential distribution channels. Thus, to learn more details about this malware, we encourage you to read the rest of this article. At the end of it, we display instructions showing how to eliminate InnfiRAT manually. However, we should warn our readers that the process could be challenging, and it might be easier to use a reputable antimalware tool instead.

In most cases, threats like InnfiRAT appear on a system because users download and open suspicious data offered on questionable file-sharing websites or received via Spam emails. If you do not want to risk getting your system infected, you should never open files if you are not sure they are safe to interact with. Of course, hackers have various strategies to trick users into thinking that they are launching harmless data.

For example, cybercriminals who spread their infections via email often pretend to be representing a well-known company. To make it look like the email is coming from a particular organization or business, the attackers might use its logo image and details alike to make the message look as close as possible to a message that the original company would send. However, such messages often rush users into opening attached links and files or revealing sensitive information, which ought to seem suspicious. In short, users who want to protect their systems from threats like InnfiRAT should question every file received from doubtful sources. Instead of opening such data, we highly recommend scanning it with a reputable antimalware tool first.

Next, we should talk about what happens if InnfiRAT gets in. Our researchers say that it ought to place a malicious executable file in the %APPDATA% directory. Also, it is possible the threat could create a scheduled task to ensure it gets relaunched the next day at a particular time. While it runs on a system, the malware can communicate with a hackers’ server by connecting to the Internet without permission. Consequently, the malicious application was classified as a Remote Access Trojan or a RAT. The commands received from hackers might make InnfiRAT record browser cookies. Such activity could put a victim’s accounts at risk, as browser cookies could store usernames or passwords and session data. Also, the cybercriminals might be able to gather information about a user’s Bitcoin and Litecoin wallets as well as take screenshots of program windows or anything else that might be seen on a victim’s screen.

All things considered, the malware seems highly capable and vicious. Thus, again, we urge users who detect it on their system not to hesitate and eliminate InnfiRAT at once. Our researchers say that the malware might disable applications like Task Manager, which is why it might be challenging to kill its process. Instead, we advise restarting your system in Safe Mode with Networking and then following the removal guide available below if you wish to erase InnfiRAT manually. If not, or if the task seems too complicated, we advise employing a reputable antimalware tool that can take care of this RAT infection for you.

Erase InnfiRAT

  1. Restart your computer in Safe Mode with Networking.
  2. Click Windows Key+E.
  3. Navigate to the suggested paths:
  4. Identify a file launched at the time the system got infected, right-click the malicious file, and select Delete.
  5. Find this location: %APPDATA%
  6. Search for a file called NvidiaDriver.exe or similarly, right-click it and select Delete.
  7. Then go to:
  8. Look for the malware’s created tasks that could be named randomly, right-click them and select Delete.
  9. Exit File Explorer.
  10. Empty Recycle bin.
  11. Restart the computer.

In non-techie terms:

InnfiRAT is a Remote Access Trojan, which means it can be controlled remotely. According to our specialists, it can cause lots of trouble as the malware can spy on users, record various information, and even gain data about their Bitcoin/Litecoin wallets. Because of this, it is best to eliminate the malware the minute it gets detected. As explained in the article, this RAT infection might run from a single executable file, and it might be enough to delete this file to get rid of the infection, although we cannot be entirely sure. Such a threat could have different versions, and each of them might require a bit different removal process. Therefore, it might be best to eliminate InnfiRAT with a chosen antimalware tool instead of using the removal guide available above this text. If you think so too, you should pick a reputable antimalware tool, perform a full system scan, and then click the antimalware’s tools displayed deletion button to erase all detections.