ILivid Toolbar Removal Guide

Do you know what ILivid Toolbar is?

ILivid Toolbar is a piece of malware which is typically installed alongside free software downloaded from unreliable sources. When in the system, ILivid Toolbar is very difficult to remove, because one of the versions of this infection does not have its uninstallation package to remove the toolbar by using the Add or Remove Program application, and even if it has one, the removal has no use, because the malicious program remains in the system.

The malicious program should be deleted from the computer as soon as possible, because even though it does not look dangerous, it is able to perform some malicious actions. As antivirus programs do not identify this toolbar as malware, the cunning software installs a new search toolbar, replaces the home pages with or and redirects search results to suspicious websites, which could be infected with more dangerous malware. This unwanted browser extension is known to infect the most popular browsers including Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and others. If your browser is adjusted with the annoying ILivid Toolbar, you may find that new and unfamiliar websites are added to your Bookmarks menu. It is unadvisable to access those pages for the sake of your computer’s protection, because the suspicious websites may be also infected. One more reason why you should remove ILivid Toolbar is that it may monitor your actions online and sent information to third parties.

In order to protect your privacy and avoid repeated violations, use a spyware removal application which is powerful enough to remove ILivid Toolbar and protect the computer. A powerful anti-spyware tool will delete the infection for you automatically so that you do not have to struggle with the manual removal of the infection.

In non-techie terms:

ILivid Toolbar is an unwanted add-on which you should remove with a spyware removal tool, because the manual removal may be too complicated. The infection changes the settings of Internet browsers, and may collect information about the computer user.

Aliases: ILividToolbar.

  • john smith

    this removal tool is a free spyware scan. but to remove the ilivid, you have to pay spyware. so, the scan is free. the removal costs money.