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Do you know what is?

Have you visited Have you downloaded browser extensions via this site? Are you noticing suspicious plug-ins related to the source running on your Internet browser? It has been discovered that the site promotes such tools as fTalk and Torch. Moreover, it forces you to use and which can be linked to cyber criminals and online scams. Do you want your personal data leaked to third parties? Do you have no concern over the security of your operating system? If your answer is “no” – continue reading to find the best way to remove linked items.

You may think that offers you great free services revolving around media sharing. Regardless, you should not think that iLivid downloader can support Megaupload, Hotfile and other suspicious file sharing services without any risk. In reality, once you download this file, or it gets installed onto the PC with bundled downloads, your browser becomes unrecognizable. You may notice that your browser home page and search engine are changed, unfamiliar toolbars are installed and items in the Bookmarks list are removed or added. This is not something you should ignore.

Such browser extensions as iLivid Toolbar may collect private information and allow cyber crooks to produce filtered search results, misleading advertisements or redirect you to suspicious sites. These dangerous actions could allow schemers to gain enough privileges to drop malware, which could be extremely difficult to delete. Regardless, you must remove related extensions, and the only question left is – how should you do it?

Manual removal is all you need when you remove unwanted software or extensions; however, only automatic tools could delete malicious programs and files. Therefore, you should implement SpyHunter – an automatic spyware removal tool which is strong enough to delete even the least visible computer threats.

In non-techie terms:

Should you delete related software? There is no doubt about it, especially if you value your virtual security and you want your computer running without any disturbance. Do you want to prevent schemers’ intrusion and malignant software? Install powerful security tools to detect and delete all PC threats in time.

Aliases: iLivid.