IEDefender Removal Guide

Do you know what IEDefender is?

IEDefender, or IE Defender, is a rogue anti-spyware application simply because of its aggressive advertising and scare tactics. IEDefender and its affiliates infect users through video codecs that come bundled with a Trojan that is triggered by a Browser Helper Object.

IEDefender and its affiliates display exaggerated security alerts difficult to close in an attempt to trick you into purchasing the full IEDefender version.

Once the Trojan is installed on your machine, your web browser is hijacked. So if you do a search through Google, Yahoo or MSN search engines, your browser will display a fake error message within your search results. The IE Defender fake error message even use the search engine's name within the message in order to confuse you into believing it's coming from the search engine itself.

IE Defender error message states that you're infected with spyware and that you need to download IEDefender to solve your problem. Once you click on the IE Defender fake message, you'll be directed to IE Defender's homepage, or a link to a page that shows another fake security message. IEDefender is also known as IE Defender v2.2 or IE Defender v2.3.

If you're infected with IE Defender, you will see a hijacked search result listing in Google, Yahoo or MSN as shown on the samples below.

Google fake warning message sample:

Google Error:
"Your computer is infected! Some of your search results were changed by spyware. You have to clean your pc and we recommend to use our antispyware!"

Yahoo fake warning message sample:

Yahoo Error:
"Your computer is infected! Some of your search results were changed by spyware. You have to clean your pc and Yahoo Team recommend to use our ANTISPYWARE!"

The Truth (in non-techie terms): Distributors of trojans conduct illicit installation methods to extort money from you. Do not click on IEDefender fake security messages.

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  • Ashu

    thanx for the instructions ....
    will inform you if it works ....

  • samuel

    I just got infected with IE Defender. I can't get rid of it. This is a real tough one to remove. Thanks for the info. Maybe I should reformat rather than try to figure this one out?

  • CrazyJoe

    Hey samuel!

    Before you reformat you should try removing it with a free product like smitfraudfix. There's more IEDefender information on There's also a cool discussion with one of the IEDefender people fighting on castlecops It's hilarious! IEDefender is "defending" themselves.

  • Rudy

    The trojan that is distributing IE Defender is called Zlob-x.a. Hope it helps.

  • Jay

    I tried SmitfraundFix.exe and deleted all temp files, then IEDefender was deleted. Thanks.

  • Doug

    I did everything posted here and the problems persist. WTF. Any help would be greatly apreciated.

  • Kabir

    I tried SmitfraundFix.exe and worked like charm(no more porn on my Google search result.). there are plenty of informations about IE Defender on the net, but this is the best and simplest.
    thanks allot.

  • Jess

    sooo, yeah... i freaked out when it kept telling me to download it, and i didn't read that this stupid thing was fake, so i bought it.... and now i'm freaking out more!! if i remove it, what will happen now? do u think i can get my money back or is that fake too!? i hope they don't steal all my info :(
    pleeeeaaase help, any feedback would be appreciated!

  • Iain Hamilton

    Hi, lots of help but ran Smitfraud in safe and problem still there. Downloaded trial version of spyhunter and ran that, want registration and £30.00 to remove so re-ran in safe mode and manually edit registry and removed files. ALL CLEAN NOW


  • Ste

    This is so confusing! The stupid thing is still on my computer and I don't know how to do any of what is up thereeeee! :[ UGHHHH

  • Alex

    OMG, THANKS SO MUCH!!!!!!!! It worked perfectly and dleted iedefender!!!!!!!!

    THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Dan

    hello, how do you know if the virus is gone

  • bash

    thanks! it really workS! i had removed Ie(funking)defender in no time! yea!! you rock!! thanks again-bash*))

  • Chris

    Thanks so much for the information, it's been very helpful so far. I've only encountered one snag: when I try to run the disc cleanup, a blue screen of death pops up reading "page fault in nonpaged area". This even happens in safe mode. Oh well, I'm sure I'll figure it out somehow.