Idiot ransomware Removal Guide

How does Idiot Ransomware work?

Discord users need to beware of Idiot Ransomware, a malicious infection that is capable of wiping data. Our team tested the threat in an internal lab, and it did not wipe system files or cause crashes, but we cannot confirm that it only wipes personal data. Without a doubt, that is the main target because while Windows users can always replace system files or reinstall their operating systems altogether, replacing personal files might be impossible. It is not impossible if you have backups. You should always back up your files on external drives or online to ensure that you have copies in case something happens to the original files. While data wipers are rare, file-encrypting ransomware is very common, and your chances of facing it are high; especially if you have not taken appropriate security measures to defend yourself against malware. If you keep reading, you will learn how to delete Idiot Ransomware, and although your files will not be restored, the removal of this threat is very important.

Idiot Ransomware is known by many different names, including PowerHentai Ransomware, DoggeWiper Ransomware, and .vscode Ransomware. The first name derives from a file that is meant to be the launcher of the infection spread using Discord. This name is “The_power_of_hentai.exe,” but it is possible that it could be modified or changed completely. If you open the file, the threat is executed, and an additional file named “Idiot.exe” is dropped to c:\memes\, which is where the name we are using comes from. After this, is opened in several windows. The link opens a GIF of a dancing Fortnite character, and if you close it, a new one pops up immediately. To stop this, you need to terminate Idiot.exe, which you can do via the Task Manager (refer to the removal instructions below). Of course, the main purpose of the Idiot Ransomware is not to annoy you with strange GIFs but to wipe your personal data.Idiot ransomware Removal GuideIdiot ransomware screenshot
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When Idiot Ransomware attacks, it does not encrypt files like Ransomware, Cryptre Ransomware, or Ransomware. Instead, it deletes the data within the file it attacks and overwrites it with its own data. Because of this, whenever you open one of your personal files, you always open the same text message. You might have noticed already that the “.txt” extension is added to the files that are wiped. We will not quote the message because it is too vile, but it does not actually say anything useful. It simply states that files were messed up, and now all you can do is cry. An image of a dog is added to the text as well, and that is where the DoggeWiper Ransomware name comes from. Unfortunately, we do not have good news here. If your files were wiped, there isn’t anything you can do to recover them. Hopefully, you can replace the wiped data with backup copies after the removal.

Needless to say, you must remove Idiot Ransomware before you start transferring backup copies back onto your computer or before you start fresh. It is most important, at this moment, that you secure your operating system, and the right anti-malware program will take care of that. Moreover, it will delete Idiot Ransomware and other infections that might be active automatically. Even if you successfully find and delete Idiot Ransomware manually, you still need to think about your virtual security, and guarding yourself against malware is more difficult than you think because malicious files can hide behind links, email attachments, downloaders, ads, surveys, websites, and anything else you might come across online.

Delete Idiot Ransomware

  1. Delete the memes folder in the local drive if it has a file name Idiot.exe inside it.
  2. Delete the [unknown name].exe file in an unknown location that represents the wiper’s launcher.
  3. Empty Recycle Bin and run a full system scan using a legitimate malware scanner.

N.B. If you cannot delete the files, you might have to terminate their processes first. Do this via the Task Manager: tap Ctrl+Alt+Delete keys, click Start Task Manager, go to Processes, select the malicious process, and click End task/process.

In non-techie terms:

Idiot Ransomware is a devious infection that was created to mess with Windows users. It overwrites data, and that means that files cannot be recovered. Even if you remove Idiot Ransomware successfully, your files will remain lost. Take this as a very painful lesson, and learn from it. The first thing for you to learn that you need to be careful about the files you open on Discord, but also remember that other security backdoors could be used to spread malware. The most important thing to learn, of course, is that you need to protect your operating system, and we suggest doing that using anti-malware software. Use it to automatically eliminate existing threats too, and do not forget to update it when the updates come in to ensure that the defenses are up and high.