I Got A Samsung Photo Frame With A Virus for Christmas

Samsung shipped many digital picture frames infected with a virus known as W32.Sality.AE Trojan horse on the CD provided with the frame.

I knew Santa was a jolly kind of guy but to give me a virus laden digital photo frame for Christmas has me wondering if he is trying to get me back for not leaving him cookies and milk the other night.

Samsung has said that the install CD's shipped with many models of its digital photo frames may include malware in the form of a Trojan horse program that could give cyber crooks remote access to the infected system. What a way to share the joy of the holiday season right?

[not a real representation of photo frame - for entertainment purposes only]

The malware software was identified as a Trojan called W32.Sality.AE which may be detected by many antivirus software applications. W32.Sality.AE has the ability to reach a host PC where it may give access to remote hackers. W32.Sality.AE is known to only affect Windows XP users so Vista users are safe from this infection according to the information that we have gathered.

If you received as a give or purchased a Samsung frame recently you may want to cross reference it with the models that may be affected in the list the follows.

List of Samsung Photo Frame models that may have had an infected install CD shipped with it.

  • SPF-75H
  • SPF-76H
  • SPF-85H
  • SPF-85P
  • SPF-105P

Samsung issues a PDF file in regards to this issue that you may also want to take a look at from the Samsung site here.

You may also download replacement software for your digital picture frame at the Samsung Download Center.

Did you purchase one of these digital photo frames or know someone who did?