HugeRebates Removal Guide

Do you know what HugeRebates is?

HugeRebates is an adware program that wants to make easy money out of you. Please do not panic. This program does not try to steal your banking logins and passwords. It is simply not equipped to do that. HugeRebates makes money via the pay-per-click system when you click the ads it displays. Unfortunately, these ads can be both, annoying and dangerous, and you should never tolerate that. You will protect your computer from multiple security issues to come if you delete HugeRebates today. We present two software removal tutorials below this description, and it is up to you which one you want to use.

We would also like to inform you that most probably, HugeRebates entered your computer with other applications. The bundled distribution is more prevalent than the individual downloading. Software bundles are widely available for download at file-sharing websites. Users often turn to such sites in search for software applications when they do not want to pay for a full version at the official vendor’s website. However, whenever you indulge in such file or media downloading, you should bear in mind that you are risking getting infected with adware and other potentially harmful software. For all it’s worth, HugeRebates is probably the most docile program you could encounter.

What’s more, it is also possible to download HugeRebates directly from its homepage. The site can be accessed via, although if you try to open it, you will be redirected to the Piggy adware homepage. This would suggest that the program we are dealing with here is directly related to other adware too. This would not be surprising because the guys from our lab team say that HugeRebates is similar to ForTheSchool. Therefore, this allows us to assume that the program in question also functions just like its predecessors.

This would include functioning as coupon and discount distributor. The official websites for such adware applications always say that once you install them on your computer, you will be able to find all the best discount deals out there. Supposedly, with HugeRebates on your computer, you should be able to save money when you shop online, but that is not really the case. This program can barely fend for itself, not to mention actually assisting you in locating online deals and offers. You should not be so hasty as to click the pop-ups delivered by HugeRebates. Some of these ads could contain links that reroute you to dangerous websites, and that can only result in a malware infection.

Before you lose your money and your computer system, remove HugeRebates with all of the associated applications. To get the entire list of potential threats that currently reside on your PC, run a full system scan with the SpyHunter free scanner. You will get a clear picture of what you have to do to keep your system safe.

When you delete all the potential threats, take your time to find and invest in a licensed antispyware tool because you have to safeguard your computer against similar intruders in the future. Should you need any assistance with that, we are always glad to help.

How to Delete HugeRebates

Windows 10 & Windows 8

  1. Right-click the Windows icon on your taskbar.
  2. Select Control Panel and go to Uninstall a program.
  3. Highlight HugeRebates and click Uninstall HugeRebates.

Windows Vista & Windows 7

  1. Press the Windows key and go to Control Panel.
  2. Open Uninstall a program and remove HugeRebates.

Windows XP

  1. Open the Start menu and navigate to Control Panel.
  2. Select Add or remove programs and uninstall HugeRebates.

In non-techie terms:

HugeRebates is one of those programs that you should not show any mercy to. It can expose you to corrupted content, and eventually this might lead to the ultimate system crash. Before you find yourself spending a lot of money on something you cannot repair on your own, you should remove HugeRebates and everything related to this program for good. When you are done with the removal, please stay clear of third-party websites that might be part of the freeware distribution network.