AntiMalwareGuard Removal Guide

Do you know what AntiMalwareGuard is?

AntiMalwareGuard is another fake anti-spyware program that comes from a Trojan infection. It seems hackers are creating an abundance of rogue anti-spyware programs and AntiMalwareGuard is yet another one that does not belong on your computer. AntiMalwareGuard may prompt you with a message that reads:

"It is highly recommended to get a full version of AntiMalwareGuard protection software in order to fix all malicious codes. Click here to start registration and have all the malware away from your PC thereafter."

This message is usually part of a scam where the hackers attempt to get you to purchase the AntiMalwareGuard program. If you do purchase AntiMalwareGuard you will only be wasting your time and money because AntiMalwareGuard does not remove parasites or fix code on your computer.

In non-techie terms: AntiMalwareGuard or AntiMalware Guard is nothing new when it comes to spyware. AntiMalwareGuard should not be used no matter how professional the program or website may look. AntiMalwareGuard is just as bad as having a virus on your computer that popups up messages every 5 minutes. Do not purchase AntiMalwareGuard under any circumstances.

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  • Andy O


    I have worked most of this out now but still a few problems. I have lots of popups for AntiSpyware-Delux and AntiMalwareGuard and lots of others. I can clean them as you have directed but the popups persist and then I get what seems to be full web pages sent to me.

    The computer has slowed down almost to a standstill and internet explorer crashes quite alot. When I can get on the net it bombards me with popups, interupting any task i may be doing, when I close them down it crashes.

    Hope you can help.