Home Security Solutions Removal Guide

Do you know what Home Security Solutions is?

If you are after a powerful security tool that will protect your PC against known and unknown threats, then you need to steer well clear of Home Security Solutions. This rogue antispyware application was cleverly designed to merely emulate the workings of a real antispyware application. In reality though, Home Security Solutions does not have the ability to protect a PC against any type of infection or threat, as it is a malicious threat in itself.

Home Security Solutions will infect its victims’ PCs either by hijacking websites and using drive-by downloads or by using a fake online malware scanner called Windows Web Security. This fake scan is hosted by various nefarious and suspect websites, which includes the following:


Once the rogue manages to ingrain itself into the system, it will start its attack by initiating a fake security scan of the system each time the user logs on to Windows. The fake scan will conclude that the following files, among others, are vicious and destructive infections ravaging the PC:


The above listed files will all be created by Home Security Solutions. The rogue will create these files only to alert them as fake security threats. It will then advise the user to purchase its products in order to remove these threats from the system and restore the PC’s protection. Shortly after the fake security scan completes, the user will find him being spammed by fake security alerts like the following:

Attention! 20 infected files detected!
Scan Result: Your computer is infected!
Recommended: click “Remove All” button to erase all infected files and protect your PC

Users are warned never to believe any correspondence received from this rogue, and to destroy Home Security Solutions the first opportunity they have.

Home Security Solutions will instigate various annoying symptoms on the system which it will blame on the severe infections. These range from users being unable to establish an Internet connection to dramatically increased erratic system behavior and extremely poor system performance. Stop these annoying symptoms by entering either of the following two activation keys into the rogue:


Take back control of your PC and destroy Home Security Solutions with the help of a powerful security tool. This will not only effectively get rid of Home Security Solutions but also protect your PC against similar threats in future.

In non techie terms:

Home Security Solutions is a malicious rogue antispyware application only out to rip you off. Obliterate Home Security Solutions immediately and regain full control of your PC.

Aliases: HomeSecuritySolutions.