Home Safety Essentials Removal Guide

Do you know what Home Safety Essentials is?

It has been determined that Home Safety Essentials derives from the same despicable family of rogue security tools as Rogue.VirusDoctor. This means that Home Safety Essentials is considered to be a rogue antispyware security tool with the specific intention of ripping consumers off. Of course Home Safety Essentials does a good job of convincing inexperienced users of its legitimacy. However this does not change the reality that Home Safety Essentials is a fake security application with no ability to detect, quarantine or remove any type of threat from the system.

This rogue enters the system clandestinely and will hide its presence from the user until it is ready to start its attack. In fact the user will not even be aware of Home Safety Essentials’ presence until it reveals itself by initiating a fake system scan. These fake system scans will launch each time the user logs on to Windows, and will yield bogus results which informs the user that his PC is being attacked. Shortly after this fake security alerts in the form of pop up messages will spam the user and tell him the same. These fake alerts will report the following files as malicious on the system:


Reported symptoms associated with Home Safety Essentials include the user being unable to launch applications on the system as well as blocked Internet connections and hijacked Internet browsers. Poor system performance and increased erratic system behavior have also been reported.

When all is said and done you will only be able to regain control of your PC if you destroy Home Safety Essentials. This can easily and safely be done by using the removal power of a genuine security tool which will not only get rid of Home Safety Essentials but also protect against similar attacks in future.

In non techie terms:

Home Safety Essentials is a bogus security tool incapable of protecting your PC against any form of threats or attacks. Never pay for this rubbish software and delete Home Safety Essentials immediately.

Aliases: HomeSafetyEssentials.