Home Personal Antivirus Removal Guide

Home Personal Antivirus also known as HomePersonalAntivirus, HomePersonal Antivirus, Home PersonalAntivirus, is a direct clone of XP Deluxe Protector, WinPCAntivirus, WinPCDefender, XP Police Antivirus, IE-Security, win Defender 2009 as well as Total Secure 2009. Home Personal Antivirus will try to trick you into purchasing the full version, but you need to remember never to part with your money no matter how much it tries to scare you. Home Personal Antivirus may run fake scans and generate fake scan reports in order to try to trick you. The only malicious threat which you have running on your machine is Home Personal Antivirus itself. Home Personal Antivirus may also open security holes which exist within your web browser, and will proceed to install other additional malicious malware onto your system. This is not all that will happen; unfortunately Home Personal Antivirus also runs the risk of invading all your privacy and passwords. Do not buy anything, download anything or install anything. If you suspect that you may have Home Personal Antivirus on your computer, and then you need to remove it immediately, don't hesitate for one moment to make it go away.