Home Antivirus 2010 Removal Guide and Information

Do you know what Home Antivirus 2010 is?

Home Antivirus 2010 is a bogus security program that was found to be similar to PC Security 2009 and a clone of WinReanimator, which are both rogue anti-spyware programs. Home Antivirus 2010 uses some of the same misleading tactics of WinReanimator to force you into purchasing a full version of the program. Home Antivirus 2010 may also be an updated version of Home Antivirus 2009.

Home Antivirus 2010 may be spread through the Trojan called Trojan-Downloader.braviax, which could automatically install Home Antivirus 2010 without actions from you or the computer's administrator. Once Home Antivirus 2010 is installed, it is known to display fake alert messages and conduct system scans that returns bogus results. In addition, one of the alert messages reads similar to the following:

"WARNING! Home Antivirus 2010 has found 33 useless and UNWANTED files on your computer!
- 21 of those items are considered critical privacy compromising content
- 9 of those items are considered medium privacy threats
- 3 of those items are considered to be junk content of low privacy threats
Personal data at the reach of anyone's hand
Internet history records available
Compromising and adult material stored on your system
Chat sessions' logs and personal Emails easily reachable
You need to register Home Antivirus 2010 to clean the unwanted files found. Click "Register now" button below to obtain the license and remove useless and compromising material from your PC."

In non-techie terms:
Home Antivirus 2010 is not a trusted program. Do not use or purchase Home Antivirus 2010 for any reason. Removal of Home Antivirus 2010 is necessary to prevent further damage to your computer.

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Aliases: Home Antivirus 2010, HomeAntivirus 2010, HomeAntivirus2010, www.homeantivirus2010.com.

  • Sterling Silver

    Thank you so much, I was beginning to fall for their slick interface and similarity to many true antivirus software programs. I followed the first set of instructions and homeantivirus2010 was still running, but when I followed the next set of instructions everything was removed (just focus on only deleting homeanti... Stuff, if that's all you delete you'll be fine)

  • trixie

    thank you so much ...this is a big help...i was able to delete and uninstall this terrible thing