Hip-Hop Tech Support: Hip-Hop Techies "Stack the Memory to the Sky"

Who says techie's can't be hip?

Maybe after the end of the day when a fellow techie helps you get your PC running like it should you might thank "that geek" for doing something that comes natural for him or her. Or maybe you think that techies do not know how to do anything else but fix computer issues. What if we took up a different profession, say maybe become rap stars singing hip-hop. I think we could do that just as well as we can fix your computer, don't you?

The Sniper Twins, who seem to have some experience with mockery hip-hop videos, made a hip-hop video portraying the "mad skillz" of fellow techie's who know how to "bust a rhyme" or two. We found this hip-hop on TechRepublic and we could not resist sharing it with our readers. Don't let the overabundance of Apple iMacs on the shelf fool you, these techies know how to "stack the memory to the sky!"

Check out the Sniper Twins' "Computer Friends" hip-hop video below.

See, we are not as lame and boring as you think we are. What do you think of the video? Do these guys have a knack for fixing your computer or can they really rap?