Hdrivesweeper Removal Guide

Do you know what HDrive Sweeper is?

Hdrivesweeper or H Drive Sweeper, is a fake anti-spyware program that is an apparent counterfeit program for removal and detection of spyware. Hdrivesweeper (H drive sweeper) claims to be able to scan thousands objects in just a matter of seconds finding over a hundred infections which is simply impossible. Many rogue anti-spyware programs make several claims and do not live up to them. Hdrivesweeper is just another prime example of this. Hdrivesweeper cannot be trusted.

In non-techie terms:
Hdrivesweeper may be a clone of XpyBurner as it has a few similarities that may trace it back to the same group of hackers who spread the XpyBurner or SpyBurner program. Hdrivesweeper is simply a waste of time and money and may not ever find actual parasites on your system. It is not wise to use a program anything like Hdrivesweeper to scan your system. Even the hdrivesweeper.com website is part of the ultimate scam where it acts as if it is scanning your computer from the website. Hdrivesweeper may be installed through the Zlob Trojan automatically where it starts popup up disturbing messages and annoy you to death. Removing Hdrivesweeper is the best thing to do once you have discovered its presence. Do not ever purchase Hdrivesweeper under any circumstances.

Aliases: Hdrivesweeper, H drive sweeper, Hdrive sweeper, H drivesweeper, hdrivesweeper.com.

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