HDD Rescue Removal Guide

Do you know what HDD Rescue is?

HDD Rescue has been described as harmful rogue antispyware by many major security applications and tools. This has been determined by the tactics employed by HDD Rescue to enter users’ PCs, and for not living up to what it promises. HDD Rescue will try and convince users that it is capable of identifying, then quarantining and removing threats and infections. This is untrue, as HDD Rescue is an empty shell merely imitating the working of a real security product.

As a first line of assault on the user and his PC, HDD Rescue will inform him that his PC has been compromised by various fake threats. HDD Rescue will then go on to inform the user the only way to delete these threats and regain control of the PC will be to pay for an HDD Rescue license. This can actually not be any farther from the truth. Criminals are behind HDD Rescue, and users are strongly advised never to believe any correspondence received from HDD Rescue.

In an effort to minimize the damage posed by HDD Rescue, you need to take the immediate steps to successfully remove HDD Rescue from the system for good. There really is no middle ground here, HDD Rescue is harmful and needs to be eliminated.

In non techie terms:

HDD Rescue is a criminal product posing as a genuine security application. Eradicate HDD Rescue off your system in order to limit the devastation performed to your system.

Aliases: HDDRescue.