Hakunamatata Ransomware Removal Guide

Do you know what Hakunamatata Ransomware is?

Although Hakuna Matata means “no worries,” you definitely have things to worry about if Hakunamatata Ransomware has invaded your operating system. This infection is a file encryptor that belongs to the same group of malware as Erebus Ransomware, BadNews Ransomware, and hundreds of other threats alike. Once this infection is executed, all kinds of personal files are encrypted using complex algorithms. According to the information presented by the infection itself, AES and RSA encryption algorithms are used, and it is likely that one method is employed for the encryption of files, and the second one is used for the encryption of a private key that you need to restore your files. At this moment, a free decryptor does not exist, and it is unlikely that it will be created. Although removing Hakunamatata Ransomware is not that complicated, the same, unfortunately, cannot be said about the decryption of your personal files.

Do you know how Hakunamatata Ransomware entered your operating system? You might have already realized that this threat was executed when you opened a seemingly harmless file attached to a misleading spam email. If you had not realized that by now, you have to think carefully about the files you have recently opened. If you cannot locate the malicious launcher, the removal of this infection might be difficult for you. In the best case scenario, you will realize that the file is malicious – and if it does present you with expected content, you should realize that quickly – and you will delete it in time. If you do not eliminate this file, it will start encrypting your personal files. All encrypted files should be given the “.HakunaMatata” extension, and so it should be easy for you to spot the corrupted files. Documents (PDF, Word Documents, etc.), photos (JPG, BMP, GIF, etc.), and other personal files could be encrypted by this malware.Hakunamatata Ransomware Removal GuideHakunamatata Ransomware screenshot
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After Hakunamatata Ransomware is done with the encryption, a file called “Recovers files yako.html” is created. This file might be created on Desktop, but you are likely to find it copied to random folders with encrypted files inside. The message represented via this HTML file informs that you need to contact cyber criminals if you are interested in decrypting your personal files. The creator of the malicious ransomware has set up a Bitmessage account (address: BM-2cXH4TSe9CmGvGG33mXg1PMZDEr1P5zZqQ) to enable easy communication. If you start communicating with cyber criminals, they will inform you that you need to pay a ransom fee to get a decryptor, a password, or a private key. Although it is possible that you could decrypt your files as soon as you paid the ransom, it is also possible that your money would be wasted for no good reason. This is why we cannot advise paying for a Hakunamatata Ransomware decryptor.

As you already know, deleting Hakunamatata Ransomware is not something that requires skills or a lot of experience. It is most important that you know where the malicious file is located. If you know the location, you can remove the file, and that is pretty much it. If you do not know where to look for the file, you should not waste time trying to guess which one is malicious because you might end up deleting the wrong files. Instead, install an anti-malware tool to take care of this malicious launcher automatically. Unfortunately, your files will not be restored once you eliminate the threat. If you are not willing to take the risk of paying the ransom, you might have to part ways with these files. This is a good reminder that files should be backed up and that reliable security should be implemented to protect your operating system at all times.

Remove Hakunamatata Ransomware

  1. Right-click and Delete the malicious file (e.g., the spam email attachment file).
  2. Right-click and Delete the ransom note file Recovers files yako.html.
  3. Install a trusted malware scanner to inspect your operating system and look for potential leftovers.

In non-techie terms:

Hakunamatata Ransomware is a serious threat that deserves immediate removal. Unfortunately, this threat encrypts personal files, and that might stop you from taking action right away. Paying the ransom requested by cyber criminals is extremely risky because they are unpredictable, and there is always a possibility that the ransom payment will be accepted, but a decryptor will not be provided to you. In any case, deleting Hakunamatata Ransomware is crucial, and you can either use the guide above, or you can install anti-malware software to automatically clean your operating system.