Hacking The Friendly Skies: FAA Computer Server Breached By Hackers

The FAA, Federal Aviation Administration, reported that hackers broke into agency computers where they were able to access about 45,000 names and social security numbers.

With identity theft levels being higher than they ever have the last thing that any Federal organization needs is another attack where their employee's information is stolen. The attack on the FAA resulted in 2 of 48 files on the breached computer sever containing personal information which included those of employees and retirees of the FAA dating back to February 2006.

The server that was hacked was not associated with the operation of the air traffic control system while no indication was give as to those systems being compromised. The statement released by the FAA says that they are moving quickly to prevent any similar incidents while identifying immediate steps as well as longer-term measures to further protect personal information.

An FAA contracts attorney, said, "These government systems should be the best in the world and apparently they are able to be compromised." Currently the data theft is being investigated by law enforcement authorities.

In this day and age it is no sure way of being 100% certain that you are protecting your personal information. With incidents like this it gives us another reminder of the reality of the cybercriminal world and how brutal it can be. To overcome identity theft it is best to use good judgment and always further educate yourself on ways that you can protect your identity. Not only could you install good antispyware or antivirus software but implementing use of strong passwords and avoiding volunteering too much personal information, such as on social sites, is always a good step.

Do you fear that you could be a victim of identity theft this year?