Hacker Warning: Security Questions Vulnerability Discovered

Security Questions are asking a bit too much personal information that can be stolen by hackers.

Does it annoy or even scare you when certain websites ask you for additional login credentials to set up a security question in the case that you forget your password? Do you ever wish that you could create your own security questions so you do not feel like you are giving up too much of your personal information?

In today's society where identity theft is knocking at our front door every day we go online, we have become a little more self-conscious as too what information that we willingly give over the internet. Some sites that have you create accounts will ask for an additional security question but most of them define what question you must answer. That is a bit controlling and on the verge of stealing your personal information without asking for permission.

In the case that a websites' information is compromised or stolen, your security question and answer may be taken also. It has been reported on security blogs that a hacker can use this information in conjunction with other credentials to log into your account. If a website has defined security questions then hackers are in-the-know of how to use your answers or personal information against you. If you answer a simple security question of "your mother's maiden name", right off of the bat hackers are able to utilize that piece of information along with whatever else they steal from a sites database directly against you. Something like your mother's maiden name is commonly used for credit or banking transactions. Just think what damage a hacker can do in knowing your mother's maiden name.

What can you do if a site requires that you select and enter a pre-set security question?

One thing you can do is just lie. That's right, if you lie then that is one big step in protecting your real information. There is no rule set in stone that you must tell the truth on a security question. However, if you forget your login or password and are required to retrieve it through entering the answer to one of your security questions, you must remember the lie that you entered. Some sites, such as Gmail, will allow you to setup your own security question. In this case you can pick something off-of-the-wall as to not identify you in any way that can be used against you by thieves. Remember, treat your security question just like you would a password because in some situations it can be just as powerful (or dangerous) as a login name and password.

Do you ever think that you could become a theft victim of your secret security questions?