GT Virus Scan Removal Guide

Do you know what GT Virus Scan is?

GT Virus Scan is a major risk to any computer system it comes into contact with. What GT Virus Scan does is run covertly in the background of a computer system this way the user will not even be aware of its presence and the malice it intends to keep on causing. As long as GT Virus Scan is in a computer system, it will stop at no end to ensure its goals are met. GT Virus Scan is intent on jeopardizing the integrity of the computer system it has infiltrated – whilst at the same time coercing the user into purchasing it full version software. GT Virus Scan is merely a huge scam – aimed at extorting money from unsuspecting computer users. The ploy’s to play on the fact that users want to ensure computer safety and security is at its optimum for their computer system and so doing, GT Virus Scan fictitiously provides scans and scan results (bearing in mind the scans and results are all fake) – all as a means to convince the user that their system has been inundated with infections, and the only solution is to purchase the full version of GT Virus Scan! This is a scam! Do not fall for it! Instead, remove GT Virus Scan as soon as it has been detected!

In non-techie terms

GT Virus Scan is not a real security program, but a infection downloaded and automatically installed via Trojan infections. GT Virus Scan shows various warning messages only to scare computer users and force them to buy a full version of GT Virus Scan. Removal of GT Virus Scan is necesary and should be done as fast as possible.

Aliases: GT Virus Scan, rogue.GT Virus Scan.