Great Antispy 2012 Removal Guide

Do you know what Great Antispy 2012 is?

Great Antispy 2012 will not help you to remove computer infections even if you activate it, because this program is a bogus anti-spyware tool whose only goal is to trick you into spending money on its full version. The scheme is regarded as successful if an unsuspecting user visits insecure websites, get his/her computer infected and then purchases the fake full version to remove imaginary infections. Not to fall into criminals’ trap, it is highly advisable not to visit unreliable websites, click on suspicious links found in emails and download spam attachments, because these are the most popular methods of infecting a computer with malware such as Great Antispy 2012.

On the PC, the infection modifies the system’s settings by adjusting the registry, which leads to slow performance or even non-responsiveness of some applications. This is expected to be regarded as the result of imaginary infections’ presence, because the bogus tool presents different infections and displays pop-up messages encouraging the user to acquire its full version. If there is no chance to access desired websites, it does not mean that the only way to solve the problem is to activate the non-functional program.

It may be hard to believe that this cunning application is bogus, because it contains characteristics that could make everyone believe that it is legitimate. For example, it has a function Brief scanning report; it also lists various infections, shows their files and defines the level of their danger. However, Spy.YK, Oscarbot.YQ, Trojan Downloader.MDW and other threats are not present on your PC, and you should not think that you can remove them only if you active the program. Additionally, as Great Antispy 2012 is bogus, ignore all its notifications, which are created to deceive you:

Critical: Some malicious threats cannot be deleted
Some threats contain unrecognized structure and can not be removed without update.

Now, as you know that you cannot trust this violent application, you should find a legitimate one and remove Great Antispy 2012 without delay. We recommend using a specialised tool because automatic removal is by far the most convenient method for dealing with malware. As manual removal is typically a time-consuming and difficult procedure requiring a lot of attention and knowledge, use a powerful spyware removal tool and remove Great Antispy 2012.

In non-techie terms: GreatAntispy2012

Great Antispy 2012 is a fake security tool designed to trick computer users into buying a non-functional application. This bogus tool could steal your banking information typed in the purchase form and use your identity to commit more crimes. If you remove Great Antispy 2012 as soon as you notice it on the PC, the computer’s performance is back to normal.

Aliases: GreatAntispy2012