GOZI Trojan Removal Guide

Do you know what GOZI Trojan is?

If you do not see GOZI Trojan running on your operating Windows system, it does not mean that this clandestine infection does not exists. In fact, malware researchers, who have analyzed the systems infected with this malicious program, claim that the Trojan could be hidden within your computer for as long as months before you face any notable symptoms or you realize that someone has breached your online accounts. It should be clear by now that this infection has been developed to steal your personal data, and whether you suspect the program running or you are reading about it for the first time, our support team urges you to inspect the computer and delete GOZI Trojan if needed.

Even though GOZI Trojan was first discovered in 2007, the malicious infection prevails as one of the most dangerous Windows infections. This is due to the fact that this malicious infection is extremely difficult to remove, its existence is highly clandestine and its attack methods are tremendously well-planned. The entire operation of this malignant program starts with its integration into an operation system which is done via exploits of such Internet browsers as Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer. Once this barrier is passed, the malignant Trojan’s components can implement keyloggers to record your passwords ad user names. Additionally, malignant files (like xx_ymvb.exe) can also help schemers trick you into exposing your login data via fictitious login pages, which are created mimicking authentic interfaces. This is very dangerous, because schemers could gain access to your online banking, instant messaging, email and social security accounts. Needless to say, this information can later on be used to profit from you or use your identifying data in additional scams.

All in all, the Trojan which originates from Russia is extremely dangerous and you should not let it run within your computer for one minute. Even though manual GOZI Trojan removal is highly attractive, this option is not recommended to even most experienced Windows users. Therefore, despite your malware removal skills and knowledge, you should employ legal security software to delete GOZI Trojan. What is more, after this task is completed successfully, you should make sure to change the login data of your online accounts so that’s cyber crooks would not have any chance at scheming you further.

In non-techie terms:

GOZI Trojan is a tremendously latent and clandestine operating Windows system infection that has been designed to steal your private data and utilize it for schemers’ benefit. If you do not want your private data leaked, you need to remove the infection, protect your data with up-to-date security software and reset your online login data regularly.

Aliases: Trojan.GOZI.