Google Trends Abused By Scammers To Poison Search Results

Recent security research findings have revealed that scammers are abusing Google Trends to poison Google search results with links that spread malware or fake security applications.

If you are at all familiar with Google Trends then you might be in the internet marketing field or a Google keyword search aficionado. Google Trends is a tool that highlights the most popular searches of the past hour or over a specified period of time. The tool can be used by many to promote a certain keyword due to its rising or historic popularity all displayed in charts and statistical form via the Google Trends web page.

Scammers are now using the Google Trends tool to promote their scamware or sometimes vicious fake security programs. They seek out the popular search keywords or terms and use them to integrate into their own malicious sites or product web pages. Google picks up on popular keywords and news items almost like white on rice in some cases. The hackers and cyberthieves know this and have done their homework so they are able to use any popular keywords found through Google Trends to tag onto their own products and sites.

Just think, a popular news story is overshadowed by some hackers' web page or site that promotes their fake security program. So the latest news about Rhianna getting beat up by Chris Brown won't reach you in time for you to discuss next time you are in the office among co-workers. Instead, you will be prompted to download some fake anti-spyware program that invades your screen with popups and phony system scans.

Google has a strong system and it is possible, since the word is getting out about scammers abusing Google Trends, that something may be done to limit malicious sites or pages from invading popular news keywords on search results. Remember, if you ever end up downloading or becoming infected though one of these scam sites, do not ever purchase the software that is installed. It is all a complete waste of time and money.

Have you ever searched for a popular news item on Google and the search results returned an unrelated site or potentially malicious site that sold or promoted a fake security program?