Google Chrome Is Not So Shinny When It Comes to Security Vulnerabilities

Chrome may need some polishing because of several vulnerabilities being discovered.

With any new software program, it usually comes with bugs to be worked out and security issues to be resolved such as in the case of the new Google Chrome web browser. Many security researchers have reported several vulnerabilities within Google's Chrome.

You may think because Google Chrome has a number of built in security related features that is would be free from vulnerabilities at least for a few months until hackers tear it apart. It seems when software is developed it may be but through a lot of testing before it's first beta release but until it is actually put out in the wild, the vulnerabilities are not discovered. Google is the mammoth of all search engines on the internet and you may think it would have the ultimate web browser. That may remain to be ones opinion instead of proven fact especially due to the fact that several vulnerabilities have recently been found in Google Chrome.

Chrome may need some polishing

With the new tabbed browsing within sandboxes, privacy mode and a clean straight-forward interface, Google Chrome may appear to be the best thing since sliced bread only this bread is starting to grow mold from holes in the packaging. The recent vulnerabilities found in Chrome range from an automatic file download bug to denial of service crashes to carpet bombing combo threats.

Some experts have complained that Google Chrome should be been built outside of isolation to gain the knowledge of others who have experience with web browsers. But this is Google right? How could you really tell Google what to do since they are one of the God's of the internet? Maybe because they have never built an internet browser let alone one that is secure and up to par on security as the competition that have been doing web browsers for several years now.

Should you try out Google Chrome now despite the discovered security vulnerabilities?

Ultimately, it is up to you using your own judgment call in this situation. We would advise you to wait until the first few updates to Google Chrome or a new release version before transmitting any personal data over the internet via Chrome. Because the above mentioned vulnerabilities were discovered already, it could be others that have yet to be revealed.