GiffySocial Toolbar Removal Guide

Do you know what GiffySocial Toolbar is?

GiffySocial Toolbar is all about GIFs. It gives a promise that users could search for the best GIFs daily and share them straight from their New Tab pages, get access to a meme and GIF maker, and easily post GIF images and memes on social-media sites when they install it. In other words, this piece of software is presented to users as an extremely beneficial application. Users no doubt think that it can be fully trusted too because they tend to install this piece of software on their PCs consciously. Even though GiffySocial Toolbar is not considered malicious, we would still suggest that you refrain from clicking the Download button on its official website or some kind of commercial advertisement promoting it. We do not trust it fully because research conducted by our specialists has clearly shown that it is a typical potentially unwanted application. What else you should know is that you will find your browsers’ settings altered if you install it. The changes might be applied to all your web browsers because the application is compatible with Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, and Google Chrome. No worries, if you decide to remove GiffySocial Toolbar, we will help you to erase it in the blink of an eye. Continue reading to learn more!

GiffySocial Toolbar is the newest Mindspark Interactive Network, Inc. toolbar. It has been observed by specialists that browser plugins developed by this company all act in a very similar manner. Once installed, they alter browsers’ settings. Speaking about GiffySocial Toolbar, it will hijack your New Tab page. As a consequence, you will see a page promoted by this browser plugin each time you launch the web browser you use. It looks like an ordinary search provider with a toolbar. You will find on it a search box and a toolbar with Upload Gifs, Create Gifs, and Create Memes buttons that open and correspondingly. Additionally, you will see quick-access buttons that automatically open popular websites, including popular social media websites and online services under the search box. Speaking about the search tool, it is powered by that displays Google search results. Even though Google is a reliable search tool, you might be presented with some sponsored links if you perform searches via the search tool set by GiffySocial Toolbar on your web browser – the extension might modify all users’ searches before redirecting them to Google. These modified search results do not look harmful at all, so the chances are high that you will not even notice them and sooner or later click on them. It does not mean that you will necessarily be taken to a shady website or encounter other serious problems once you do that; however, you might really find yourself on an untrustworthy website one day if you keep clicking on these sponsored links. Last but not least, you need to know that GiffySocial Toolbar will collect information about you automatically. Luckily, it is interested in non-personal details, so it should not cause you any privacy-related problems even if you decide to keep it installed; however, we are sure you would not want your search queries with personal details to be automatically recorded, would you?GiffySocial Toolbar Removal GuideGiffySocial Toolbar screenshot
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Speaking about the GiffySocial Toolbar distribution, ordinary distribution channels are used to promote it. Users can download it directly from or install it on their computers with a few clicks from a commercial advertisement promoting the browser plugin. They are usually shown to users when they access P2P and similar pages. Also, potentially unwanted applications are often spread via bundles, and we suspect that GiffySocial Toolbar might be one of them. You might encounter new untrustworthy software if you browse the web every day but do not have a security application installed on the system. Security specialists say that all Internet users must install an antimalware tool on their computers to prevent untrustworthy software from entering their PCs.

You can remove GiffySocial Toolbar from your system whenever you want to if you do not like it, or it has been installed on your system without your permission. There is nothing else you can do to eliminate the irritating page set as your New Tab by this browser plugin too. This piece of software is no doubt not some kind of malicious application, so you should be able to remove it from your PC without difficulty using our manual removal guide (see below).

How to remove GiffySocial Toolbar

Delete extensions from Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome

Mozilla Firefox

  1. Start Mozilla Firefox.
  2. Type about:addons in the address bar and press Enter.
  3. Check all extensions and find GiffySocial Toolbar.
  4. Select it.
  5. Click Remove.

Google Chrome

  1. Open Google Chrome.
  2. Press Alt+F.
  3. Click More tools.
  4. Access Extensions.
  5. Select GiffySocial Toolbar.
  6. Click Remove.

Delete GiffySocial Toolbar from Internet Explorer

Windows XP

  1. Click Start.
  2. Select Control Panel.
  3. Click Add or Remove Programs.
  4. Select the GiffySocial Toolbar extension and click Remove.

Windows 7/Vista/8/8.1/10

  1. Tap Win+R.
  2. Type Control Panel in the box and click OK.
  3. Click Uninstall a program.
  4. Select GiffySocial Toolbar and click Uninstall.

In non-techie terms:

GiffySocial Toolbar is a useful tool people tend to install on their PCs in order to access the collection of GIFs and other GIF-related tools straight from their browsers’ Start page. Of course, the majority of people do not expect that their web browsers’ settings will be changed. GiffySocial Toolbar hijacks the New Tab URL and, as a consequence, the new page set is opened when the browser is launched by the user. This is definitely one of the reasons users decide to get rid of GiffySocial Toolbar – they are not happy about the changes applied.