Get Creative With Windows 10 Creators Update

If you have already upgraded your Windows operating system to Windows 10, you will most likely enjoy the novelties the latest and biggest update may bring you under the name of Windows 10 Creators Update. This software update was released on April 11th and has sent the web buzzing. We must admit, with this update Microsoft has created something magical for Windows 10 users by inspiring the creator in all of us. The new features are mainly related to graphic design, music, gaming, and reading e-books along with new security options. So basically the company put a lot of focus on your entertainment, including gaming experience and creativity (e.g., Paint 3D). We believe that these are very exciting times and we are going to see some major improvements regarding the virtual experience most of us enjoy daily. Please read our full article to learn more about this update that you may have been longing for a long time in secret.

First of all, we need to highlight the new 3D features this Windows 10 Creators Update introduces. For example, you have a brand new application called Paint 3D, which enables you to create, edit, and share 3 dimensional objects that can help us express ourselves in a more sophisticated way and convey our ideas better. By using 3D you bring 2D objects into a new reality, which is like breathing life into inanimate objects. This is not only more fun to do and to use but also puts our virtual experience on a new level. Imagine, for example, the educational use of such potential with kids or even adults. You also have access to an online creative community ( where you can upload or browse 3D objects created by other users if you would like to explore, share, or get inspired by 3D. And, you can have all this by updating your Windows 10 OS.

Windows 10 Creators Update also presents to you a new mode. Gamers will definitely love this since this is actually a Game mode. When you enable this mode, playing games becomes a better experience as ever before as your computer will be set to run at its highest capacity to provide you with the best possible quality for gaming. So even if your computer is not a high-end beast, it is possible that with this Game mode you can play with more decent performance since this mode makes sure that all other system processes and tasks not related to the game should run at lower capacity.

Yet another novelty is that you can now find and read e-books in the Windows Store. In fact, your Microsoft Edge browser also has a new default reader for e-books so there is no need for installing new software to read online books anymore. Speaking of Edge, we also have to mention that this browser has got some major face-lift as well. As a matter of fact, Microsoft goes as far as to claim that Edge has become faster and more secure than its competitors, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. This is certainly great news for those who prefer to use Edge or ones who were put off by its sluggish performance in the past. But apart from running faster and safer, Edge also provides you with a new, tab preview function so that you can manage the multitude of your tabs in a better way. You can scroll through the preview tab window using your touchpad or mouse wheel, which makes your life so much easier if you like to have dozens of tabs open at the same time.

In addition to all these previously mentioned amazing updates, your personal digital assistant called Cortana has also been updated. Now you can tell Cortana to play music matching your mood or your activity you are busy with (e.g., household chores, planning something, and relaxing), or according to a chosen category (rock, classical, hip-hop, soul, jazz, easy-listening, metal, etc.). The Windows 10 Creators Update also includes other built-in applications, such as Windows Photos, Windows Maps, Groove Music, and Movies & TV apps. Since Microsoft tries to protect its users the best possible way, a new Windows Defender Security Center can also help you with more functions and privacy settings to do so. Similarly, Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) now has new features that allow responding to network attacks.

Of course, it may take months until you finally get this Windows 10 Creators Update if you are waiting for the automatic update. However, if you would like these brand new features right now, we advise you to use the Update Assistant to do so. Hopefully, you will enjoy these new updates and let your creativity soar in a safer virtual environment thanks to Microsoft.